animal feed chaff cutting machine for cutting straw and stalk for cattle feed,sheep feed

1. This chaff cutter machine driven by motor as a supporting power. the power will be transfered to the spindle, the other end of the main shaft gear through the gear box, universal joint, etc will pass the speed to transfer the power of the pressure, and when to grass materials and processing in pressure between grass pressure was holding and certain speed into cut institutions, the high speed rotating tool cut up by the grass turned out the mouth.
This feed chaff cutter machine can cut straw, dry and fresh grass , corn stalk, bamboo and other agricultural waste. the feed chaff cutter is Applicable to feed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock.It mainly consist of feeding structure, chopping structure, throwing structure, driving structure, running gear, safety device and rack, etc.

Feature of chaff cutter:

1. Three-leaf knife plates are equipped with strengthening ring, making the feed chaff cutting machine stronger and integral. Adjusting bolts are added between the knife plate and main axel, allowing more convenient movements and more convenient knife gap adjustments.

2. the animal feed chaff cutter is Advanced feeding structure with hay-conveying rollers (for whose patent we have been awarded), the cutter conveys hay automatically and smoothly at a high speed.

3. Designed with motive knife safety guide, preventing knives from knocking into each other, thus making the whole machine safe and reliable.

4. Unique gear boxes allow more accurate adjustment of processed hay length. The box is tightly sealed.The transmitting section is equipped with rolling bearings and universal joints, so it is easy to take apart and the whole machine operates smoothly.

5.Power supplying have different choice: Motor, diesel engine, tractor both are suitable, especially suitable for the area where lack of electric power.

6.the chaff Cutter with high-quality steel, with a special refining process, super wear-resistant; using high strength bolts, safety and reliability.

7.the feed chaff cutting Machine shell choose thickening steel continuous welded to the whole die forming, the suppression of anti-counterfeiting labels, beautiful and durable.

8.if you want to make pellet feed for your animals, you can find our feed pellet machine and feed grinder used to make chicken,pig,cattle,rabbit pellet feed.

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