corn sheller for sale/electric corn sheller machine with low energy

There are lots of old corn shellers for sale. This space is reserved for some of them, and includes pictures and prices in most cases. We don't own these corn shellers, but list them for you so you can see what is available in the corn sheller market. You can return to this page periodically, as the number and types of corn shellers for sale changes every day as new items come onto the market.the corn threshing machine is used to shell and thresh the corn. the corn sheller is matched with motor with power no more than 3 KW and rotational speed 300-500 revolution/min. The working efficiency is about 3000kg/hour. Both the loss rate and broken rate are below 3%. After shelling, the shelling parts can be changed with the threshing parts including the movement, axle and swinging hammer.

features of corn sheller

1.the single corn sheller is a widely used in small capacity families;

2.the corn sheller machine is easy to set and operate;

3.the corn sheller can save time and labor;

4.high working efficiency with low breakage.

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