feed blender machine Mixing time is short (3-6 minutes /batch

feed blender machine Mixing time is short (3-6 minutes /batch). Adding input and outlet time,the mixing time is about 15-20minutes per batch(full load working), the feed blender machine can mix 4-6times per hour. The degree of homogeneity is high(cv is smaller than 5%), the mixing time can be adjusted according to feeding materials speed and quanity.feed blender machine hassingle two-- layer ribbon shaft inside,mixing efficiency and working balance are both very high .all steel materials of feed mixer can be changed into full stainless or carbon steel according to raw materials charactor.feed blender machine inside ribbon shaft mixing balance degree are both very stable ,when works, shaft doesn’t have shaking, also the gap between shaft and mixer body is very reasonable,the feed mixer machine is our national free inspection mixing machine,feed blender machine is very hot more than 4000 sets per year , greatly welcome to ask me for details , we have big discont for old customers of order by large quantity.Ribbon Blender is an efficient mixing equipment which is used with feed pellet machine for feed pellet making.the feed blender works on the principle of inner ribbon send the inside material to both sides, at the same time outer ribbon send the outside material to the middle, so that the material make radiation movement in the mixing process. Meanwhile, this design also facilitates material discharge. The ribbon blender can carry a vacuum, hot and cold jacket. Besides, the customers have option to choose the design of outlet valve in bottom or center and the high-speed disperser.

features of horizontal ribbon feed mixer

1) Horizontal ribbon feed mixer consists of U-shaped containers, ribbon mixing blade and transmission components.

2) The ribbon including continuous and disconnect.

3) The helical ribbon blade is made of a double or triple outer spiral the mateial from both sidesbrings together the central inner spiral the material transported from teh center to the sides to form a stream mixed.

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