flat die pellet making machine for processing corn,wheat,rice,oil cake

flat die pellet making machine

1. our animal feed pellet mill are applicable for various small and middle designed feed pellet mill for poultry and livestock farms, aquaculture farms for producing feed pellet with output 300--2000kg per hour

2. The flat die pellet mill can produce both pellet and mash feed. The plant integrates all the equipment required in processes of grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, screening, lifting and conveying, electric control, etc. The complete equipment is installed on the steel structure.

3. The centralized control on analogue panel is included. All pellet making machine can be interlocked for the control and safety alarm device is available.

4. The operation of the flat die pellet making machine is simple and convenient. An advanced and semi-automatic feed mill can be built quickly with less floor space. the feed pellet machine
 has features of easy installation, convenient operation and centralized control. There are many technological process flows that can be selected by the users. It is ideal complete equipment due to its low investment and quick returns.

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