500 kg/h animal feed pellet mill for making chicken feed pellets

 animal feed pellet mill 

animal feed pellet mill have one or more conditioning units mounted above where liquids can be added to improve pelletability. Water is sometimes added in the form of steam resulting in firmer pellets.

From the conditioner, the feed stock falls into the champer of the flat die pellet mill. In the pellet mill, rollers and feed ploughs push the material through the holes of the die plate. The die plate is either stationary and rollers rotate around the inner surface of the die, or the die rotates around the rollers. Outer knives can cut the pellets to length.

Further, with the support of our dedicated team, we also offer computerized turnkey services for our range including production of plants, the feed pellet mill
 and spares as well as full plant installation. We also have the process expertise that allows us deliver high-end equipment/ plants as per the specific demands of the clients. Moreover, owing to these attributes, we have established ourselves as one of the renowned entities in this domain and have garnered a huge client base.

animal feed pellet mill

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