poultry chicken feed grinder machine with 300kg/h for home use

chicken feed grinder

the grain hammer mill machine can be installed in a wood frame, iron frame, or cement frame. It is also can be fixed on the tractor. Pls make sure to fix well to make it safe in operation. when installing the grain hammer mill feed grinder and motor, pls make sure the axis of the machines and motor parallel.we can set up a cyclone collector, which is connected to the outlet of the machine.Check if the lubricating grease of the bearing Sclerosis metamorphic, if yes, pls clean it with Clean fuel, and replace it with Albany grease. Check if the nut is loose, tighten the nut.after installation, check if there is foreign matter in the machine body.

Features of chicken feed grinder

1.the feed grinder has Full-screen sieve design, the effective working sieve area increased by 60%;

2.The steel fan casing, precise internal curve, the continued use of a longer period;

3.the feed shredder has Side straight suction technology, the suction process is shorter and more direct;

4.Precise carburizing, hammer is thinner and more in number.

5.to challenge 8 degrees of power consumption per ton limit.

6. the chicken feed grinder is used to crush raw materials into 3--5mm and used with feed pellet mill to make chicken feed pellets

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