animal feed pulverizer machine to crush corn,wheat,rice,for poultry feed

animal feed pulverizer

feed pulverizer machine is a new style and widely used machine. this animal feed pulverizer is widely used in all kinds of crop stalk, cotton firewood, straw, clover, peanuts shells, cotton seed fur, etc. This series of feed grinder machine have advantages of compact structure, strong and durable, safe and reliable, easy operation, lower noise and vibration, high efficiency and low energy consumption, etc. And the spare part of the machine completely adopt quality material, outsourcing parts adopting domestic optimal product,the whole machine’s quality is reliable, long-lived

1.This feed pulverizer machine is our factory new design. It has higher grinding efficiency and lower energy consumption, easy to be operated.

2.Our crusher is most ideal corn grinder machine 
 equipment of all kinds grain of pulverize corn, soy bean, sorghum, barley, grain, legumes, rice, maize, dried sweet potato slices, soy bean cake etc, and also can grinding all kinds of crop stalks, such as corn stalks, peanut skins, corn stems, clover, grass, peanut shoots, rice straw, wheat straw etc.

3.This type crusher machine is widely used in the professions such as energy pellet factory, feed animal farm, home and so on used with feed pellet machine to make poultry feed.This final product size can arrive in from 0.6mm to 20mm range! In this range can meet you need any size sieve mesh!

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