small feed pellet mill for home use to make chicken feed

small feed pellet mill

The 9KLP series small feed pellet mill can process the oil cake and other mixed biomass wastes to pelletizing at one time. The pellets made by our Rice Husk Pellet Mill are smooth in surface and shapely in posture, which is good for combustion but not easy to break.

The advantage of mini feed pellet mill

1.the home use pellet mill is especially for home using. it can press 4-8mm diameter biomass fuel,animal feed and fertilizer pellets from biomass or other waste materials, such as sawdust,rice husk, agricultural stalk,straw,peanut shell,sun flower,paper,plastic,grain, soybean,maize, animal manure and so on

2.the small feed pellet mill is adopted Germany technic ,which is our national patent product. the flat die has the unique advantages bearing more pressure 
than ring die  animal feed pellet mill .ring die is restricted by its diameter, its roller can not be enlarged enough, bearing room is smaller , so the assembly bearing are not strong enough to withstand pressure. especially for crude fiber biomass materials, there will be much  friction between rollers and die , needs high pressure to press good pellets, so flat die pellet mill is more popular all over the world .

3.the small pellet press
 can make biomass pellets for burning and make feed,fertilizers for farm using. the engine can be changed into diesel or tractor .very tangible benefits and convenience.

4.we also have chaff cutter,feed grinder together used with the home use pellet mill to make feed

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