wood pellet mill develop and application

wood pellet mill

The pellet industry has grown, particularly in the Southeast, as market demand for renewable fuel increases in European nations, where energy producers are under pressure to use less coal.

Export-quality pellets are denser, drier and more consistent in composition than raw wood chips burned in biomass-generation facilities and paper mills. Both industries help make use of renewable forest resources and can decrease the amount of waste left behind by logging.so we need a best pellet mill to make our own pellets

application of wood pellet mill

This new developed roller rotating Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill is designed especially for sawdust, crushed wood pieces and other materials like maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust, cotton stalk, weeds, etc. all kinds of agricultural straws, house refuse, waste plastic and wastes in factory.this wood pellet mill is different from the pellet mill that flat die rotates and roller fixed, this wood pellet mill roller and die are much stronger and compressing result is much better.Low noise, high quality, beautiful apperance composed the obvious advantage for this new type mill. wood pellet making machine is becoming more and more popular for most of our customers to process wood sawdust pellet for warmingwe are professional manufacturer of wood pellet mill,feed pellet press machine,and chaff cutter for poultry farm.

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