straw chopping machine to chop wheat straw,corn stalk for farm animals

straw chopping machine

1. This straw chopping machine can chop straw, dry and fresh grass , corn stalk, bamboo and other agricultural waste.
2. Applicable to feed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock.
3. This straw chopping machine mainly consist of feeding structure, chopping structure, throwing structure, driving structure, running gear, safety device and rack, etc.
On our site, you'll find information on all of our products, including straw choppers & spreaders, straw chopper upgrades, and chaff collection attachments. We've put innovative product development at the heart of our 25-year history here at Redekop Manufacturing. With a focus on high-quality, useful products, we strive to help farmers reduce operating costs and improve profitability.

features of straw chopping machine

1 this straw chopping machine has reasonable design and reliable quality
2 simple structure and easy to operate
3 small covering area with low consumption
4 automatic control electric-heating equipment that it’s adjustable at random to make sure the stablity of moulding and its effiency.
5 the main parts of this chaff cutter machine adopts wear-resistant material so that to continuously press and produce.for your farms, we also supply you feed pellet mill,including fish feed pellet mill,feed hammer mill and so on,

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