we should pay more attention to buying a feed pellet mill

paying attention to buying a feed pellet mill

If we bought a pellet mill machine, put it smoothly when install the machine, connect up good power according to the turning direction of the feed pellet mill, checking each place to make sure there is no loose screw, adjusingt the tightness of rewinding belt moderately, adjust the balance between die plates and two roller, the gap between roller and die plates of the feed pellet making machine should be 0.1-0.3 mm. Put up good abrasive materials in certain proportion to grinding machine, generally we mix grass powder 5 kilograms, used oil 0.8 kilograms, water 0.7 kilograms, sand 2 kilograms together and stir evenly, then grind the machine for 30 minutes or so with the mixture.

There are lots of other considerations for feed pellet producers but mostly, this will depend on the machines utilized in the production. Actually, what determines the quality of a final feed pellets is a solution with any bio material you might have. our site offers unique systems for processing these toppers right into a storable form, as pellets that can be used as feed for horses and cattle, or as a green and economical fuel. The economy has changed the way in which the relationship is working and a lot companies are considering making machines that can satisfy both home users and enormous manufacturers. The technology being employed today has seen production of machines that will still produce particles without resorting to a belt drive shaft. the feed pelletizing machine advantage is always that this doesn't need any additional water while making the pellets.

Make sure the portable pellet mill is installed correctly, according to the certain proportion requirements stir bulk material evenly, generally speaking the feed pelletizer is appropriate that every hundred kilograms of dry feed with 3.5 kilograms water. At first add a little mixture to the machine, wait until it extruded the granular feed, check the quality of the granule feed, fill material in feeding mouth to normal production if the quality is satisfied. It is strictly prohibited to mix the feeding in the hopper with hand. 

we also have feed chaff cutter machine for your poultry farm to make animal feed

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