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ring die wood pellet mill

We would like to help people know about how to make wood pellets and other biomass pellets because it also supports our work in providing small pellet mill for small and large scale pellet plants. We know that some people are just looking for a basic introduction, therefore we can introduce some guide on how the pellet mill works.

The wood pellet mill is a compression device, heat and pressure are used to compress and bind the raw material into a pellet shape,which can make animal feed pellet and wood pellet However each material is different and pellet density is very important for combustion efficiency. Not all pellet mills can compress all materials. Our guide can show you which pellet mills are up to the task to make high density wood pelletsand other fuel pellets suitable for pellet stoves.

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Introduction

As wood pellets have become a good choice of new type fuel by more and more people, a large scale production of wood pellets is urgently needed. Our ring die wood pellet mill is specially designed in making various biomass materials into wood pellets for industrial and commercial use.The output wood pellets are widely used in electricity-generating and water–heating in industrial boilers and furnaces,power plants or large farms for animal bedding.we also supply you feed pellet mill and feed chaff cutter for your poultry farm and supply you some good advice and guide

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