how much kilograms feed pellets should you feed your pig per day

Pellets are developed to be overall sound in nutrition and a primary food source. the pellet mill generally recommended by vets that pellets take priority over other food you feed your animal.It can be difficult to get a mature budgie to switch to pellets when they are used to eating seed. But they are better nutritionally. Many times birds will pick through seeds and only eat their favorite stuff. So even if you give them a variety blend, they might not even eat everything in the seed mix.pellets made by feed pellet making mill can help to get all the important vitamins. Well, at least good Pellets. It's difficult to get all the vitamins especially in winter, when Fresh Food is rare on vitamins. That is the time of giving them pellets. But in every other season it works well. If you have high quality hay and good fresh food. In summer I only feed pellets when a cavy is sick or very old. At the moment I feed pellets because I have a six year old cavy and he really needs extra food. 
I think it would not be absolutely important to feed pellets (in summer, spring and fall), but if you feed only a few then I agree that it doesn't make fat. Again only with good pellets of course. With no or only a few cereal.Cereal doesnt fit in the natural nurishment of a guinea pig and it's not good for their digestion. Too much energy which keep on only for a very short time.

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