fish feed pellet machine makes high quality fish feed pellets

Quality of Fish Feed

The quality of fish feed identifies the particular nutritionary in addition to the real attributes on the feed that will help it become consumed as well as digested because of the fish.
The actual fish feed must contain each of the vitamins needed because of the fish, inside appropriate amounts for great functionality (growth as well as health).The specific nutritional requirements pertaining to fish range with all the fish’s sizing as well as reproductive system condition.The actual vitamins within the feed should also always be easily accessible for the fish and grow digestible.

Fish Feed Pellet Machine Structure

Floating feed pellet machine mainly consists of feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system and controlling system. this feed pellet making machine is adopted international advanced structure, the floating fish feed pellet machine is equipped with impeller feeder, advanced frequency convertor and magnetic device for uniform feeding and reliable operating. The water drop grinding chamber of the pellet machine can eliminate material circulation so as to increase working efficiency.

Fish Feed Pellet Machine Working Principle

The puffed fish feed mill can be divided into three stages: Feeding stage, conveying stage and the forming stage. The materials crushed by a feed grinder first enter into the feeding section, then by the thrust of screw shaft, they will go into the conveying section. During the chamber, the material is strongly impacted by the high speed rotating shaft and fully cooked by the heating system. Finally, the material is extruded through extrusion die, at the moment, the pressure release to normal suddenly and the pellets are expanded into a puffed form.

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