biomass industrial wood pellet mill for making fuel pellets

wood pellet mill introduction

1. Over 15 years experience and more than 300 turn key pellet lines

2. the wood pellet mill is Widely used for large scope of raw material, such as wood chips,sawdust, straw,grass,rice husk,pasture,palm leaf etc.

3. With magnet and over load protection system, which can protect the machine well during production;

4. The feeder of the wood pellet making machine is variable speed controlled to meet different output requirements and with the special structure, it makes materials conveyed evenly.

5. The imported bearing and oil seal in the main drive to ensure highly-efficiency,stability and durability.

Operating Instructions of Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

1. Have a better understanding of the pellet mill structure and performance, and strictly follow the operation instructions and professional technical personnels’ guidance.
2. Pay attention to regular maintenance and repair so as to extend the machine service life.
3. The operator should stay at the working area while pellet mill is under running condition.
4. It’s wise to choose appropriate pellet mill according to different raw materials and capacity requirements.

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