two types floating fish feed pellet mill making feed for kinds of fish

introduction of fish feed pellet mill

The fish feed pellet mill includes dry method and wet method . The feed pellet size can be from 0.9mm to 10mm by changing the moulds. fish feed pellet mill is suitable for making feed for small fish to big fish. 

Because of different raw materials character before into extrusion system for dry method floating fish feed pellet making machine and wet method floating fish feed pellet making machine. For the wet method machine, it is damp, hot soft materials. For dry method , it is hard, cold materials

Advantages of fish feed pellet mill

 1) With different moulds, the fish feed pellet mill machine can produce different diameter food, from 0.9mm to 10 mm. 
The food can meet different stage fish. The food can be floating 24 hours. 

2 ) the fish feed pellet mill can produce different shapes feed for fish, dog, cat etc. 

First, our feed machine include following products:
1 Floating fish feed pellet making machine .mainly for fish and shrimp
2 Pellet machine for poulty,such as chicken,duck etc

we can design machine according customer's require
we offer abroad install and training for complete pellet machine

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