best mini pellet mill for processing poultry feed pellets for farm

introduce of mini pellet mill

The feed mini pellet mill can produce pellets by rotational die connected with maiul shaft . The mini pellet mill is adopted advanced technology . During the process of producing pellets , you don't need to add warter in material .the pellet mill is one kind of machine drying into and drying out .During producing process , the temperature can reach 75 °C which can kill the germs meanwhile which can not affect the quality of pellets .

mini pellet mill Application: pellet mill Machine is widely used for maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust, cotton stalk, weeds, and all kinds of crop straw.

2.Applicable rural breeding farmer and small farms, warren, hennery.

3.Applicable to the bio-bacterial manure, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulation in low temperature, but before pelleting, the raw materials moisture has to be controlled at 15--17%, the raw materials have to be crushed into 3--5mm by a feed shredder.

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