cheap floating fish feed pellet mill is used to make fish forage

floating fish feed pellet mill

Floating fish feed pellet mill also can be called puffing machine. floating fish feed pellet mill is mainly making feed pellets for fish, plankton or pet. The working principle is puffing the raw materials our of the die under high temperature. As there are round holes on the die, so the feed pellet machine is strip when the raw materials come out of the holes. The working principle of it is totally different with the flat die or ring die pellet mill. For the final floating fish feed pellets, the diameter of them can be 0.9-10mm according to your request.  If the ratio of starch in the raw materials higher than 30%, then the final pellets can floating above water for 12-36 hours. 

Application and Features of floating fish feed pellet mill feed pellet mill(floating pellet)can make floating feed pellets for kinds of fish, shrimps .etc. 
    2.The final pellets can keep floating for 3-15 hours without pollution to water.
    3.The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree.
    4.Floating fish feed pellet mill can make pellet from dia.1.0mm-20mm just by changing the mold.
    5.Electric heating device can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time.
Why will choose floating feed pellet mill to make fish feed ? 
1) the pellet making machine has high capacity
2) Can connect with steam boiler make pellet nutritions
3)Many models for choice

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