supplying big capacity pellet mill for feed industry with cheap price

1.Application and Characteristics of pellet mill

1.1 SZLH series pellet mill is Ring Type pellet mill, which is applied to both

wood pellet making and feed pellet making.

1.2 The structure of this pellet machine is compact and has beautiful shape,

convenient for installation, operation and maintenance, as well as reliable work.

1.3 we can make different pore diameter ring die according to the customer,

moreover,the customer can select at will according to their own different 


Working Principal of pellet mill

before pelleting,we have to use a feed hammer mill and feed mixer machine to 

crush and mix the raw mtaeirals The mixed powder moisture content is

less than 15% goes into the feeding screw from the hopper and obtains suitable 

materials amount through adjusting speed of continuously viable motor. 

Then the mixed powder goes into the conditioner.

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