mini chaff cutter for home use to make cattle feed

Application of mini chaff cutter

This chaff cutter is mainly used for cutting micro-green, dried corn stalks, rice straw and other forage crops, straw and so on, the family farmed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock, the ideal helper.

Advantage of mini chaff cutter

this is a mini chaff cutter who has compact structure, small size, light weight; with steel structure, safe, reliable, single-phase power, easy to use, even long grass, and other characteristics suitable for green or dry chaff.

Features of mini chaff cutter

1).With insurance device,safe and reliable.

2).Supporting power can choice motor, diesel engine, tractor , especially lack electricity area, can normal working without electricity,more economical.

3).Thick steel cabinet had chosen for welded to the whole die forming, beautiful and easy, durable.

this mini chaff cutter is mainly used to cut straw,stalk,into small pieces,if you want to crush them into fine powder,you can use feed hammer mill crusher with different final powder.

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