fish feed pellet mill for making floating pellet,fish feed pellet machine

fish feed pellet mill

The Floating fish feed pellet mill can make a lot of kinds of feed pellets for different kinds of animals. fish feed pellet mill can make poultry-fodder, pet-fodder, as well as aquaculture-fodder and fishery feed ,which is also called floating feed pellet machine is applied to the pretreatment of the animal fodder ,so as to reduce loss of nutrition ,advance the protein content So the fodder will be digested easier by animals.The poultry-fodder can feed chicken, rabbit, sheep, pig, horse cattles and so on The pet-fodder can feed dogs ,cats, goldfish etc The Fishery-feed can feed the fish , shrimps , crab , eel ,catfish , batrachia and so on.

advantages of fish feed pellet mill

1-Our series fish feed pellet mill machine is working with crew type, thus the final pellet can be floating on the water.
2- it is Mini type, easy operation
3-This feed pellet mill is widely use for producing feed for various kinds animals, like the poultry, livestock and the especially the fish.
4-This pellet machine is adopted cutter positioning spring and cuttting forms, frequency,cut out and dice various different diameter of particles. Thus,it is intermaional advanced.
5-Screw adopts special wear-resisting, high temperature resistant materials after thefirst conditioning heat molding, wear resistant and long lifetime.

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