corn threshing machine is used to thresh corn seed from corn cob

victor machinery corn threshing machine is used to thresh corn seed from corn cob.the corn threshing machine suitable for series size corn .After threshing ,the corn cob is compete without broken.This kind corn processing machine is popular both in farm and factory.This corn sheller machine has two big performance: one kind is can peeling, one kind is can threshing, twice finished. After the skin, tear ripped skin part of the rotor four shaft standards. Change into threshing rotor, need not change can not only threshing motor, effort. ShengJin, convenient, safe, reliable, and power, energy consumption is low, small work efficiency. Net rate is more than 95% off, broken rate is less than 2%.

Structure of corn threshing machine
The corn threshing machine is made of by five parts, mainly include feeding hole,jilt hammer,screen,outlet,motor.

Advantages of corn threshing machine

1.Corn threshing capacity 3000 to 4000kg/h bags per Hour. (30-40 bags/h,1 bag = 100 kg).
2. This corn thresher is a threshing machine for threshing the husker and weeds from the maize cob.
3. It has own transport system to delivery, has the rubber wheels to move.
4. This maize/corn thresher have the own matched mobile system to pulled by bull or donkey.

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