wheat threshing machine is the newest design, with compact structure, designed scientifically

The wheat threshing machine is the newest design, with compact structure, designed scientifically, handcrafted of superior quality Bao-Steel Galvanized sheet. Besides, it is anti-acid, anti rust, and Moisture proofed, with total weight of just more than 20kgs (except engine), both loading on back and carrying on shoulder are feasible.So the wheat threshing machine is the nation-wide lightest power thresher machine. Thickened working platform, making it more safe and durable. The bucket designed with a reasonable tilt, assuring working smoothly in the paddy field

Working principle of wheat threshing machine

The crop through the functions of the friction ,extruding,
crash,shaking between the rattler's rack and sieve assembling unit, making the seed detaching from the stalk, then discharge from the sieve, the stalk is casted by the centrifugal role of the rattler, then finishing the threshing.

The features of rice and wheat thresher

1.Our wheat thresher machine is multifuntional,which can shell wheat, soybean, rides, highland barley, Chinese sorghum and other crops;
2.victor machinery wheat threshing machine has advanced baking paint for metal,with bright color, good surface protection, easy to scrud than traditional spray paint.
3.Easy to move, light weight, also can be equipped with wheels at the base, so can ve moved to any place easily;
4.the wheat threshing machine has safe operate, wheat thresher machine is equipped with front and rear guardm to prevent the artificial injured.

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