waste metal crusher at bargain prices, supply noise-free cost-effective production metal crusher

waste metal crusher at bargain prices, supply noise-free cost-effective production metal crusher. the waste metal crusher manufactured by zhengzhou victor machinery, emphasis in the service of large recycling waste and used renewable market and market, and for iron pot, aluminum pot, tin cans, paint cans of crushing process, so as to achieve the purpose of the transportation, the regeneration, we can according to customer's special requirements and Suggestions to design the equipment model of processing is most suitable for your business.the metal shredder has efficient work efficiency and production in small and medium-sized enterprise users quickly formed a good reputation in the heart, cans crusher/cans crusher in the mechanical equipment is a very popular on the market of crushing, crushing series products, grinding materials are: Sprite cans, lulu pot, red bull, coke cans, not only can crush cans, also can crush paint cans, oil tank, etc., as long as the scrap metal crushing machine is metal can crush, crush the material transport is very easy to carry, convenient feeding steel making, the number of feeding is also reduced a lot. Cans mill low noise, no pollution, high grinding efficiency, cans mill discharge finely, uniform particles, the average below two millimeters is 90% of the total station

the working principle of waste metal crusher

The basic principle of the hammer hit under the drive of high speed high torque motor, main rotor hammer head turns on struck into the vessel to be broken, through the space formed between the plate and the hammer head, to be broken in the crushing cavity can be fully and effectively finely, to be broken apart into accord with specifications of the broken objects. Broken material through air swirl grading system, the metal and nonmetal separation, in addition the system is equipped with dust removal device, the production process of dust pollution harm to a minimum.

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