The metal crusher machine mainly rely on impact of material to broken

The metal crusher machine mainly rely on impact of material to broken. The material enter into the crusher, suffered the impact and broken of the high speed rotary hammer, broken material obtained energy from hammer kinetic, with high speed to the frame body flap and at the same time material hit each other, broken by many times. The materials less than the sieving gap discharge from the clearance. Individual larger stores impact again by the hammer, grinding, extrusion and broken. Thus required size products are forced out.To avoid the wall wear and deformation, the cabinet interior are set with protection liners.the metal shredder crusher widely used for crushing of all kinds of scrap metals which including of zip-top cans, paint buckets, bicycles, diesel oil barrels, motorcycles, washing machines, shells of cars and refrigerators, electric closets, steel plate offal,(the underline parts should be sheared first, then shredded),etc,the metal crushing machine is easy maintenance, simple structure, and powerful capacity.

Application of Metal Crusher :

1. This metal crusher is using hammer, hook, and knife to crush materials, not just simply using hammers. This will help to add output.
2. Adding screens will improve output quality and remove paint effectively.
3. Adding air fan dedust system, your final materials will be cleaner and sold with a good price.
4. This metal crusher is driven by gear motor, this will lower the noise.
This metal crusher  has special hammers and knife shifting technology.
This metal crusher has hydraulic system will make it easier to open the crusher, which is good for maintenance.

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