Corn sheller machine, main working parts are installed on the machine of the rotor

new design corn sheller machine, main working parts are installed on the machine of the rotor, Through the high-speed rotating rotor and cylinder impact and shelling, corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine.Feeding port has special design, to prevent or reduce the loss of corn splash.Corn sheller machine is a good assistant for farmers,and improve the working efficiency ,have good quality, stable property, the corn thresher machine has the advantages of novel structure , strong practicality.When the corn sheller machine is running,can be continuous feeding.The corn sheller can be reach 98% of shelling rate ,the maize threshing machine is a good helper for farmers.This corn peeling and threshing machine is the two-in-one machine. After you shell the maize peel,please lay aside the fresh corn cob for several days until they become dry, then you can use this corn sheller machine to thresh the dry corn cob into corn grains (through another feeding hole and discharge hole) 
directly without changing any part of this two-in-one corn peeling and threshing machine.

The features of corn thresher machine:
1.Labor saving.this corn thresher machine can get 500~3000 kg/h ,it can release farmer from heavy manual work and save time.
2.Long service life,our corn thresher machine can be used more than 10 years ,low input and high income,it’s a good choice for the farmer.
3.This corn thresher machine can be supplied according to your needs ,such as power choice (electric motor,diesel engine ,tractor etc ),different color (red,blue,green etc).

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