corn thresher is a new type corn threshing machine designed by victor

corn thresher is a new type corn threshing machine designed by victor machinery to meet the requirement for rural household and farm.This type corn sheller can save lots of labor and time for user. With compact structure,the corn thresher can thresh the corn cob with high efficiency.the corn thresher is Powered by a electrical motor, the belt will drive the roller of corn sheller. There will form relative rolling after the corn put into the machine.The corn seeds will be separated from cob through the friction function between threshing roller and barrel.
this type corn thresher machine has a continuous demand on the market. Have been exported to India,Philippines, Malaysia,Sri Lanka,Brazil,Australia...etc. the corn threshing machine good quality and excellent performance has win us good reputation in the world,the threshing machine is the seperation/removal of grains from harvested crop by striking action, beating action,treading or rubbing action.the corn thresher is accomplished either by treading the grain under the feet of man or hooves of animals,on striking the grains with stick or beating or impacting it on hard and rough surface. • Method of threshing:-  Hand beating with capacity of 17-20 kg/hour  Treading or rubbing with bullock with the capacity of 140 kg/hour  Pedal Thresher with the capacity of 40- 45kg/hr  Multicrop thresher with the threshing capacity of 300- 500 kg/hr

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