This is the latest full feeding,automatically adjust and simple type corn thresher

This is the latest full feeding,automatically adjust and simple type corn thresher,it's easily operated and maintained and low power consumption. the maize sheller is wildly apply to countryside and family where corn planted. corn thresher combinations are special used for maize threshing.They feature on small size,flexible transportation among working places,easy adjustment and usage,high efficiency,high threshing performance,low breakage rate. and this machine is driven by diesel engine or motor.
this kind of maize peeler and thresher is newly developed in 2013,which is sold hot.This corn thresher machine is characterized by the easy operation, labor-saving, high yield as well as reliable quality. this kind of corn thresher machine has high production capacity with low energy consumption.the corn sheller machine is the mode of combination one type to peel skin clear and save labors.threshing parts adopt hammer rollers which has fast speed and low breaking rate.,if you dont want such a combination type machine victor machinery also have separated corn threshing machine and corn peeling machine for your choice. 4 Features for corn thresher 1. Easy to operate and install. 2. Good performance. 3. Smaller size,more durable and convenient. 4. Low broken rate, high efficiency. 5. Save labor and time. 6.the corn peeler machine combines threshing and peeling,first peeling the skin,then threshing the kernels. 7.peeling and threshing both will not break the corn kernels

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