sweet corn sheller machine can shell the corn outside skin

sweet corn sheller machine can shell the corn outside skin, which replaces artificial stripping tension hard labor, reduces labor intensity, improves the productivity. This corn thresher machine structure is simple, safe and reliable, supporting power for singlephase ac motor, it is widely applicable for the rural market, partnerships purchase use
the sweet corn sheller machine is small size, light weight, simple operation, trash mouth with a fan to clean up after threshing corn, don’t need the second clean-up.we also supply you wheat thresher for farmer use

Sweet Corn Thresher Features
1. The corn sheller machine is made of stainless steel, clean and healthy.
2. The corn sheller thresher is equipped with small wheels, convenient to move.
3. The frequency changer can control the speed automatically, easy to operate.
4. The corn sheller thresher can be adjusted according to the corn size; the threshing depth can also be adjusted.
5. The threshing rate can reach about 100%.
6. The cutter adopts quality stainless steel, processed by special industrial art, can be used for longer time

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