small size pellet making mill machine for home use

The pellet mill was developed at the beginning of the 20th century which were originally focused on the animal feed industry, and this was the case up until the 1970's, when the first experiments producing wood pellet fuel were conducted. However it is only within the last decade that wood pellet fuel has been taken seriously as a heating option, due the rising costs of oil and gas, and their effects on global warming and climate change......

Our pellet making machine are generally used for pellet production on a small scale to medium scale. The small size pellet making machine can process a wide range of biomass materials, for a range of applications. These include wood, straws, grasses and other biomass residues

features of pellet making machine
1.This kind of animal feed pellet making machine is mainly used to make feed pellets for rabbit, pigeon, layer chicken, broiler, duck, goose, fish, pig and so on.
2.Our pellet making machines just need little power consumption and small occupation.
3.The feed pellet making mill is packed in wooden case suitable for long distance transportation.
4. International advance steam fittings and imported pressure reduction valve.
5. Flat die is made with international advanced equipment for long lifespan.
6. the pellet making machine can be Driven with heavy duty gearbox, which can produce continuously in most adverse condition

pellet mill can press wood sawdust,animal feed pellets

Wood pellet mill can press any biomass waste, wood waste, sawdust, straw, stalk, shell, such as peanut shell, coconut shel, baggase, grass, hay, alfalfa into pellets as fuel and feed.Wood pellet mill is multifunctional, can press any grain such as corn, wheat, bean, soybean into pellets as food for animal.Wood pellet making machine can also press pellet from animal manure to make organice fertilizer granules.We produce pellet mill whole plant to make pellets such as wood logs splitter, wood logs debarker, wood chipper, hammer mill, straw bale cutter, grass cutter, mixer, dryer and cooler, pellet machine and briquette machine, pellet packing machine and conveyors etc. , 

features of wood pellet mill

1.Wood pellet mill can press biomass pellet and fertilizer granules from biomass waste or fertilizer waste, raw materials such as biomass from sawdust, rice husk, agricultural stalk, straw, peanut shell, sun flower, lucerne ,paper ect fertilizer waste such as animal manure, plant waste, chemical products and so on.
2. Wood pellet pressing machine can press 3-12mm diameter pellets, last density is high , there is knive installed nearby pellet mill outlet door, which can adjust last pellet length , very convenient to operate .
3. Wood pellet mill has one flat die inside ,its flat die hole can be changed into from 2mm-8mm , for example if install 4mm hole die , then will produce 4mm diameter pellets ,Pellet density is 1.1-1.4ton/m3.

what is charcoal making machine?

charcoal making machine is used to turn biomass agro wastes into stick shape fuels,at the same time of recyling agro wastes, to make new type energy for burning.when the organic waste are turned into stick charcoal,the burning value is also increased by about 30%.the burning time is also increased by about 70–75% because the raw materials are highly pressed into high density briquettes.the finished stick shape charcoal fuel can be used for BBQ,and other burning.

specifications of charcoal making machine

modelPowerCapacityCharcoal diameter

features of charcoal making machine

the charcoal making machine has High capacity, Low energy consumption, Compact and durable which has Many performance data such as capacity, wood briquettes density,

electricity consumption and wearable degree has reached advanced level.

the charcoal briquette pellet making machine can be used as charcoal powder briquette machine by replacement of some spare parts. The out diameter of finished briquettes is 40-80mm.
if you want bio fuels for house warming in winter,try a pellet mill to make small wood pellets.

do you have agro bio waste to process? how do you deal with them?

do you have agro bio waste to process? how do you deal with them? then using charcoal making machine to turn them into green fuel,it can process wood sawdust, wheat straw,rice straw,and other bio agro waste into stick type charcoal fuel,the charcoal briquette making machine shows the features of high capacity, low energy consumption, compact and durable. Many performance data such as capacity, wood briquettes density, electricity consumption and wearable degree has reached advanced level. Charcoal briquette machine can be used as charcoal powder briquette machine by replacement of some spare parts. The out diameter of finished briquettes is 40-80mm.

Final product(sawdust bruquette):

This bio-fuel briquette is 45-80mm in diameter, occurs in the hollow quadrangular or hexagonal cylinder or hollow hexagonal with a 15-20mm hole through the body.
The available shape: square, hexagonal, pentagon, pentagon with edge, hexagon with edge.
The available diameter could be: 50mm,55mm.60mm,65mm.70mm.80mm and so on.
The available length could be :20cm,30cm, 40cm, 50cm.
The feature of the final product : Specific gravity: 1300—1900kg/m Calorific value: 4500—5000kcal/kg.

animal feed cutting machine for cutting rice straw,wheat straw,for feed

chaff cutter is suitable for cutting all kinds of green grass, tobacco, wheat straw, maize straw, sweet potato stem, grain wheat straw and various grass`s rubbing.This chaff cutter machine mainly used to corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw all kinds of crop straw and pasture. These processed materials suitable for breeding cattle and sheep deer horse etc, the feed stalk chopping machine can also process cotton stalk, branches, bark, and so on, used forstraw generation ethanol, papermaking and artificial board etc.

features of feed cutting machine
1. the feed cutting machine has Steel frame, and mobile convenience.
2. the feed cutting machine is designed with safe Device to stop eating knife accidents, which is one safe and reliable feed cutting machine.
3. Grass roller shaft coupling is universal coupling, compact structure, flexible operation, convenient disassembly.
4. Diverse choice of motive power.the feed cutting machine can be driven by Electric motors, diesel engines, tractors can be complementary; so the feed cutting machine can be used in the region lacking of electricity
5.diesel energy,tractor both are suitable for the machine use,which is especialy suitable for the area where lack of electric power.
6.the chaff Cutter with high-quality stell,with a special refining process,super wear-resistant,using high strengh bolts ,safety and reliability.

7.this chaff feed cutting machine is used to make ensilage feed for animal,if you want to make pellet feed,we can supply you feed pellet mill for making chicken,duck,pig,rabbit feed pellets

animal feed chaff cutting machine for cutting straw and stalk for cattle feed,sheep feed

1. This chaff cutter machine driven by motor as a supporting power. the power will be transfered to the spindle, the other end of the main shaft gear through the gear box, universal joint, etc will pass the speed to transfer the power of the pressure, and when to grass materials and processing in pressure between grass pressure was holding and certain speed into cut institutions, the high speed rotating tool cut up by the grass turned out the mouth.
This feed chaff cutter machine can cut straw, dry and fresh grass , corn stalk, bamboo and other agricultural waste. the feed chaff cutter is Applicable to feed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock.It mainly consist of feeding structure, chopping structure, throwing structure, driving structure, running gear, safety device and rack, etc.

Feature of chaff cutter:

1. Three-leaf knife plates are equipped with strengthening ring, making the feed chaff cutting machine stronger and integral. Adjusting bolts are added between the knife plate and main axel, allowing more convenient movements and more convenient knife gap adjustments.

2. the animal feed chaff cutter is Advanced feeding structure with hay-conveying rollers (for whose patent we have been awarded), the cutter conveys hay automatically and smoothly at a high speed.

3. Designed with motive knife safety guide, preventing knives from knocking into each other, thus making the whole machine safe and reliable.

4. Unique gear boxes allow more accurate adjustment of processed hay length. The box is tightly sealed.The transmitting section is equipped with rolling bearings and universal joints, so it is easy to take apart and the whole machine operates smoothly.

5.Power supplying have different choice: Motor, diesel engine, tractor both are suitable, especially suitable for the area where lack of electric power.

6.the chaff Cutter with high-quality steel, with a special refining process, super wear-resistant; using high strength bolts, safety and reliability.

7.the feed chaff cutting Machine shell choose thickening steel continuous welded to the whole die forming, the suppression of anti-counterfeiting labels, beautiful and durable.

8.if you want to make pellet feed for your animals, you can find our feed pellet machine and feed grinder used to make chicken,pig,cattle,rabbit pellet feed.

to know more about animal feed pellet machine knowledge

This high quality feed pellet machine has small volume, low noise, and simple structure. the animal feed pellet machine has wide scope of application, for example, nearly all the rural breeding farmers and farms (such as rabbit, pig, cattle, etc) chose this animal feed pellet machine to make feed pellets.

The particle made by this home use pellet machine has high hardness, smooth surface, fully internal curing degree. Therefore, the feed pellet produced by this portable feed pellet machine can improve the animal digestion, avoid the picky of the livestock, and finally the pellets are conductive to the animal nutritional balance. Users can get the biggest benefit from this machine.

Application of Pellet Machine:

The animal feed flat die pellet machine is widely used in animal feed (bio-) organic fertilizer industry, waste dealing company, sugar making plant, paper pellet production plant, medicine
making plant or sawdust mill factory.

animal feed pellet machine has high production capacity for your animal

1. the pellet mill has wide production range, we could get it to pellet from biomass we could find now such as wood chips, pine, bamboo, peanut shell, rice husk and straw.
2.The density of the pellet made by the feed pellet making machine could be 1100 kg/m³.
3.Compression ratio of the nib. As the different material has different stacking density and lignose, the nib should be adjusted to get the best molding result. We have done more experiments to get the more suitable current die specification. For general material, it should be the best , but we could adjust the compression ratio according to the material if the customer has got the low production.
4.pellet in high density and good appearance
5.the animal feed pellet machine is usually used with feed grinder to crush raw materials before pelleting

working principle of animal feed pellet machine

The main shaft and flat die in the effect of friction drives the pressing roller rotating itself. The temperature will rise between the pressing roller and mould disk, then the high temperature will ripening the starch, make the protein denaturation and solidification. Finally the raw materials will discharged from the mould holes. Then the pellets can be get out of the flat die pellet making machine through the throwing disk. We can control the length of the pellets according to adjust the angle of cutting knives.