poultry chicken feed grinder machine with 300kg/h for home use

chicken feed grinder

the grain hammer mill machine can be installed in a wood frame, iron frame, or cement frame. It is also can be fixed on the tractor. Pls make sure to fix well to make it safe in operation. when installing the grain hammer mill feed grinder and motor, pls make sure the axis of the machines and motor parallel.we can set up a cyclone collector, which is connected to the outlet of the machine.Check if the lubricating grease of the bearing Sclerosis metamorphic, if yes, pls clean it with Clean fuel, and replace it with Albany grease. Check if the nut is loose, tighten the nut.after installation, check if there is foreign matter in the machine body.

Features of chicken feed grinder

1.the feed grinder has Full-screen sieve design, the effective working sieve area increased by 60%;

2.The steel fan casing, precise internal curve, the continued use of a longer period;

3.the feed shredder has Side straight suction technology, the suction process is shorter and more direct;

4.Precise carburizing, hammer is thinner and more in number.

5.to challenge 8 degrees of power consumption per ton limit.

6. the chicken feed grinder is used to crush raw materials into 3--5mm and used with feed pellet mill to make chicken feed pellets

1t/h chicken feed pellet mill from china with best quality

chicken feed pellet mill

Flat die has a longer history compared with ring die pellet mill,which is a lot in demand in the application of feed pellet machine in the past few years. Later on, the chicken feed pellet mill is also applied in making wood pellets and organic fertilizer pellets. flat die chicken feed pellet mill has two types one is the flat die rotates,but roller is fixed, which is best to make animal feed,used as feed pellet mill.the other is flat die is fixed,but roller rotates which is best to make wood sawdust pellets,also can make poultry feed,the power can be electric motor and diesel engine power operated.


1) the chicken feed pellet mill 
can process the oil cake and other mixed waste material to granule at one time. And it is columned granule feed and have slippery firm.

2) During the process of producing granule, the temperature can almost reach 70_80 centigrade. It can make fecula into paste. The inner granule is cooked and fully penetrating, and is not easy to go moldy and degenerative. Then it can be stored for a long time and improve poultry dainty and assimilation function.

3) the chicken feed pellet making mill also can shorten the period of feeding, so it can efficiently guarantee many users' productive cost.

4.before pelleting, the raw materials have to crushed into powder with a feed grinder,if there are several kinds of materials, a feed mixer is also necessary.

small home use feed pellet mill for pelletizing feed pellets

home use pellet mill

small capacity home use animal feed pellet mill can produce feed pellets for animal from 3-8mm and also process the sawdust to wood pellet 6mm-12mm.

In addition, we improved some parts on this home use pellet mill machine depends on the requirement of markets. Rencently, home use feed pellet mill can process all kinds of materials, like sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, wood chips, peanut shells, forestry wastes, chemical and many other wastes or solid powder materials.

The final product of animal feed pellet mill is dried, compressed, and formed into small eraser-sized bits. They are clean, pleasant smelling and smooth to touch.

Features of home use pellet mill

1, this feed pellet press machine has Simple structure, wide applicability, cover an area of an area small, low noise.

2, Powder feed, grass meal can be granulated without water. So the moisture content of pellet feed is equal to the granulating before the moisture content of materials, more conducive to storage.

3,the small poultry feed pellet press machine is 
 made of particle high hardness, smooth surface, internal curing degree is more fully, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and suitable for feeding rabbit, fish, duck and experimental animals, and higher economic benefit than mixed powder feed can be obtained.

animal feed pulverizer machine to crush corn,wheat,rice,for poultry feed

animal feed pulverizer

feed pulverizer machine is a new style and widely used machine. this animal feed pulverizer is widely used in all kinds of crop stalk, cotton firewood, straw, clover, peanuts shells, cotton seed fur, etc. This series of feed grinder machine have advantages of compact structure, strong and durable, safe and reliable, easy operation, lower noise and vibration, high efficiency and low energy consumption, etc. And the spare part of the machine completely adopt quality material, outsourcing parts adopting domestic optimal product,the whole machine’s quality is reliable, long-lived

1.This feed pulverizer machine is our factory new design. It has higher grinding efficiency and lower energy consumption, easy to be operated.

2.Our crusher is most ideal corn grinder machine 
 equipment of all kinds grain of pulverize corn, soy bean, sorghum, barley, grain, legumes, rice, maize, dried sweet potato slices, soy bean cake etc, and also can grinding all kinds of crop stalks, such as corn stalks, peanut skins, corn stems, clover, grass, peanut shoots, rice straw, wheat straw etc.

3.This type crusher machine is widely used in the professions such as energy pellet factory, feed animal farm, home and so on used with feed pellet machine to make poultry feed.This final product size can arrive in from 0.6mm to 20mm range! In this range can meet you need any size sieve mesh!

good quality flat die animal feed pelletizer machine

animal feed pelletizer

1.animal feed pellet machine can produce wood pellet and feed stuff pellet. It may also be applicable to biological fertilizer, organic manure as well as fertilizer for low-temperature granulation.

2.The raw material: sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds, crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low-bonding and unformed materials.

3.The moisture of raw materials is less than the national standard of 13%. If not, raw material must be dried.

4. this feed pellet press machine is widely used in large, medium and small farm, food feed processing plant, animal farm,

Operation difference between flat die pellet mill and ring die feed pelletizer

1) Feeding way: Ring die animal feed pellet making machine adopts imperative feeder when making wood pellets, while the flat die can send material into pelletizing chamber smoothly just depending on the material's own weight.
2) Pressure: The flat die itself doesn't occupy much space, which not only gives more space for rollers, but also reduces friction and prolongs service life.
3) Output pellet: Ring die has a high rotary speed, thus the pellet press for making feed may cause damage to pellet easily; while the flat die can ensure the pellets'integrity.

small feed pellet mill for home use to make chicken feed

small feed pellet mill

The 9KLP series small feed pellet mill can process the oil cake and other mixed biomass wastes to pelletizing at one time. The pellets made by our Rice Husk Pellet Mill are smooth in surface and shapely in posture, which is good for combustion but not easy to break.

The advantage of mini feed pellet mill

1.the home use pellet mill is especially for home using. it can press 4-8mm diameter biomass fuel,animal feed and fertilizer pellets from biomass or other waste materials, such as sawdust,rice husk, agricultural stalk,straw,peanut shell,sun flower,paper,plastic,grain, soybean,maize, animal manure and so on

2.the small feed pellet mill is adopted Germany technic ,which is our national patent product. the flat die has the unique advantages bearing more pressure 
than ring die  animal feed pellet mill .ring die is restricted by its diameter, its roller can not be enlarged enough, bearing room is smaller , so the assembly bearing are not strong enough to withstand pressure. especially for crude fiber biomass materials, there will be much  friction between rollers and die , needs high pressure to press good pellets, so flat die pellet mill is more popular all over the world .

3.the small pellet press
 can make biomass pellets for burning and make feed,fertilizers for farm using. the engine can be changed into diesel or tractor .very tangible benefits and convenience.

4.we also have chaff cutter,feed grinder together used with the home use pellet mill to make feed

mini chaff cutter machine for cutting dry hay

mini chaff cutter

1.mini chaff cutter is used for cutting green grass, dried corn stalks, rice straw and other crops and grasses,
especially suitable for the sheep farm which sheep number is below 300 and the cattle farm which cattle number is below 100.
2.the mini chaff cutter has Steel structure, small volume, light weight, easy movement.
3. the mini chaff cutter has the safety device to stop the eating knife accidents. Safety and reliable.
4. Universal joints used as roller transmission with compact structure, the cutter runs flexibly and is easy
to take apart and also easy to install.
5. Multi choice engines applied with electric motors, diesel engines or tractors, so they are especially suitable for areas with a
short supply of electricity.
6. The blade of the hay cutter is made of high quality steel is refined through special technical process,
so it is especially wearproof. The cutter uses high strength bolts, and is safe and reliable.

Raw material for this mini chaff cutter

A chaff cutter is a device for cutting straw or hay into small pieces before being mixed together and fed to animals. This helps the animals digesting and prevent animals from rejecting any part of their food.

Structure of this chaff cutter

the straw chopping machine is made of feed machines, guillotine cutting and throwing bodies, transmission, running gear, protective guard and other

fish feed pellet making machine for making floating pellets on water

raw material for fish feed pellet making machine 

Raw grain, soybeans, soybean meal, corn, amino acids, miscellaneous meals, additives, whey powder, fats, meat and bone meal, grains, etc. but before making pellets,these raw materials have to be crushed by a feed grinder

Features of fish feed pellet making machine

1.the feed pellet making machine consists of dry method series and wet method series. We can design suitable machine for you according to your requirements .
2.And this kind of fish feed puffing pellet can improve the nutrition composition and digestibility, is suitable for the fish’s physiological characteristics of short gut, poor digestibility .
3.Puffing fish feed pellet can float on the water about two days .

Application of fish feed pellet making machine

1.floating fish feed pellet mill(floating pellet)can make floating feed pellets for kinds of fish, shrimps .etc.
2.The final pellets can keep floating for 3-15 hours without pollution to water.
3.The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree.
4.Floating fish food pellet machine can make pellet from dia.1.0mm-20mm just by changing the mold.

providing you best machine for making wood biomass pellets

ring die wood pellet mill

We would like to help people know about how to make wood pellets and other biomass pellets because it also supports our work in providing small pellet mill for small and large scale pellet plants. We know that some people are just looking for a basic introduction, therefore we can introduce some guide on how the pellet mill works.

The wood pellet mill is a compression device, heat and pressure are used to compress and bind the raw material into a pellet shape,which can make animal feed pellet and wood pellet However each material is different and pellet density is very important for combustion efficiency. Not all pellet mills can compress all materials. Our guide can show you which pellet mills are up to the task to make high density wood pelletsand other fuel pellets suitable for pellet stoves.

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Introduction

As wood pellets have become a good choice of new type fuel by more and more people, a large scale production of wood pellets is urgently needed. Our ring die wood pellet mill is specially designed in making various biomass materials into wood pellets for industrial and commercial use.The output wood pellets are widely used in electricity-generating and water–heating in industrial boilers and furnaces,power plants or large farms for animal bedding.we also supply you feed pellet mill and feed chaff cutter for your poultry farm and supply you some good advice and guide

wood pellet mill develop and application

wood pellet mill

The pellet industry has grown, particularly in the Southeast, as market demand for renewable fuel increases in European nations, where energy producers are under pressure to use less coal.

Export-quality pellets are denser, drier and more consistent in composition than raw wood chips burned in biomass-generation facilities and paper mills. Both industries help make use of renewable forest resources and can decrease the amount of waste left behind by logging.so we need a best pellet mill to make our own pellets

application of wood pellet mill

This new developed roller rotating Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill is designed especially for sawdust, crushed wood pieces and other materials like maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust, cotton stalk, weeds, etc. all kinds of agricultural straws, house refuse, waste plastic and wastes in factory.this wood pellet mill is different from the pellet mill that flat die rotates and roller fixed, this wood pellet mill roller and die are much stronger and compressing result is much better.Low noise, high quality, beautiful apperance composed the obvious advantage for this new type mill. wood pellet making machine is becoming more and more popular for most of our customers to process wood sawdust pellet for warmingwe are professional manufacturer of wood pellet mill,feed pellet press machine,and chaff cutter for poultry farm.

functions and tips of feed pellet mill and its parts

The function of this feed pellet mill has been recently constructed with emerging extremely hot-water customizable technological know-how including Sun microsystems which enables you to to both getting smaller huge the system together with saving it’s fuel utilization contrary to average plans, in order to Sun microsystems reports to development models. “Once we go on to work towards the author’s stretched-phase vision your own zero exhaust history core, we can eventually pull off another millionfold cut in large their SuperMUC, so that it could be damaged inside the height and width of virtually any computer help getting better effectiveness compared to recently,” wanted to say Bruno Michel, business manager because of Cutting Edge Cold Weather Packaging about Ibm Studies, in a report. 

Five Tips For Pellet Mill Die Maintenance

flat Die of feed pellet mill is one of the most quick-wear parts of feed pellet making machine. In order to avoid wasteful spending, it is necessary to know more about pellet mill die maintenance.
  • The die must be secured held by the die clamp at all times.
  • Never abuse a die by striking it with a hammer or by dropping it on a hard surface.
  • Magnets, scalpers, and other cleaning devices are vital to the life of a die. 
  • The die of the animal feed pellet pressing machine clamp insert should be replaced if it becomes worn.
  • The care of the die is similar to that of a rifle bore. 
we also have chaff cutter for cattle feed,sheep feed for farm and feed grinder

we should pay more attention to buying a feed pellet mill

paying attention to buying a feed pellet mill

If we bought a pellet mill machine, put it smoothly when install the machine, connect up good power according to the turning direction of the feed pellet mill, checking each place to make sure there is no loose screw, adjusingt the tightness of rewinding belt moderately, adjust the balance between die plates and two roller, the gap between roller and die plates of the feed pellet making machine should be 0.1-0.3 mm. Put up good abrasive materials in certain proportion to grinding machine, generally we mix grass powder 5 kilograms, used oil 0.8 kilograms, water 0.7 kilograms, sand 2 kilograms together and stir evenly, then grind the machine for 30 minutes or so with the mixture.

There are lots of other considerations for feed pellet producers but mostly, this will depend on the machines utilized in the production. Actually, what determines the quality of a final feed pellets is a solution with any bio material you might have. our site offers unique systems for processing these toppers right into a storable form, as pellets that can be used as feed for horses and cattle, or as a green and economical fuel. The economy has changed the way in which the relationship is working and a lot companies are considering making machines that can satisfy both home users and enormous manufacturers. The technology being employed today has seen production of machines that will still produce particles without resorting to a belt drive shaft. the feed pelletizing machine advantage is always that this doesn't need any additional water while making the pellets.

Make sure the portable pellet mill is installed correctly, according to the certain proportion requirements stir bulk material evenly, generally speaking the feed pelletizer is appropriate that every hundred kilograms of dry feed with 3.5 kilograms water. At first add a little mixture to the machine, wait until it extruded the granular feed, check the quality of the granule feed, fill material in feeding mouth to normal production if the quality is satisfied. It is strictly prohibited to mix the feeding in the hopper with hand. 

we also have feed chaff cutter machine for your poultry farm to make animal feed

cattle feed straw chopping machine for chopping stalk

introduction of straw chopping machine

Straw Chopping machine is a machine which serves straw chopping straw into small pieces with the desired size. Straw had been cut short will easily stored. Even the rest of the short straw that is not consumed by cattle when moistened by urine of cattle and was trampled will easily decompose and are easy to make compost.
We design,produce and sell animal feed straw chopping machine to help make farming more profitable. Our straw chopping machine is used allover the world and can be found as standard equipment on many new combines across North America.
On our website, you'll find a lot of straw chopping machine information including stalk cutting machine, and chaff cutter machine,and feed pellet mill information. We've put innovative product development at the heart of our 15-year history. With a focus on high-quality, useful products, we strive to help farmers reduce operating costs and improve profitability.

features of straw chopping machine

1. This stalking cutting machine can chop straw, dry and fresh grass , corn stalk, bamboo and other agricultural waste.
2. the straw chopping machine is Applicable to feed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock.
3. This stalk cutting machine mainly consist of feeding structure, chopping structure, throwing structure,driving structure, running gear, safety device and rack, etc.
One of the reasons for buying a chopper was to do just that with straw. We spread without chopping as bedding but started getting issues with rumen function as we pushed the bulls towards being finished, the diet was quite fibrous on paper but in reality it was mostly oat husks etc which were not giving the rumen the required "scratch factor". 

animal ensiling feed chaff cutter for your cattle,deer,sheep etc

chaff cutter

1.The straw chopping machine is used to crush kinds of straw with good quality and high capacity .the straw crusher is application of new structural design, so that further reduce power consumption ,cutting feeding and reliable, sturdy, and durable ,long life and other advantages cutter.
2.The products of biomass for power generation, mushroom production, green, paper, fertilizer such as processing system. Applied to cotton, maize, reed, sorghum straw, etc, smash.
3.the chaff cutter machine is Used for cutting dry corn stalk, grass, peanut stalk, and so on. Suitable for cow or sheep eating.

Main features of chaff cutter:

A. the chaff cutter has Steel structure , small volume, small and night , easy movement
B. Devising safety appliance, deracinating , safety and reliable
C. Grass roller shaft universal coupling selection, Compact structure ,easy operation ,easy assembly
D. Supporting dynamic and diverse selection , also supporting motor,diesel engine,tractors, especially , lack electricity area .

E. the chaff cutter Blade with quality steel , a special refining process, super wear-resistant , safety and reliable.
F.we also provide you feed pellet mill,fish feed pellet mill and so on,

straw chopping machine to chop wheat straw,corn stalk for farm animals

straw chopping machine

1. This straw chopping machine can chop straw, dry and fresh grass , corn stalk, bamboo and other agricultural waste.
2. Applicable to feed cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock.
3. This straw chopping machine mainly consist of feeding structure, chopping structure, throwing structure, driving structure, running gear, safety device and rack, etc.
On our site, you'll find information on all of our products, including straw choppers & spreaders, straw chopper upgrades, and chaff collection attachments. We've put innovative product development at the heart of our 25-year history here at Redekop Manufacturing. With a focus on high-quality, useful products, we strive to help farmers reduce operating costs and improve profitability.

features of straw chopping machine

1 this straw chopping machine has reasonable design and reliable quality
2 simple structure and easy to operate
3 small covering area with low consumption
4 automatic control electric-heating equipment that it’s adjustable at random to make sure the stablity of moulding and its effiency.
5 the main parts of this chaff cutter machine adopts wear-resistant material so that to continuously press and produce.for your farms, we also supply you feed pellet mill,including fish feed pellet mill,feed hammer mill and so on,

your should make your own pellet diet by feed pellet mill today

your should make your own pellet diet by feed pellet mill today

The improvements in feed conversion were thought to be due to less wastage at the feeder and improved nutrient utilization due to such factors as starch gelatinization. However, we don’t feed corn-soybean meal based diets anymore. Today our diets are apt to contain various amounts of distillers grains and bakery by-products. In addition, feeder design improvements have lessened feed wastage at the feed trough overall and genetic/nutrition improvements have lowered feed conversions.

How many fines can you accept in a pelleted diet and still see an sufficient improvement in feed conversion to pay the cost of the pellet process? The answers aren’t clear for all the combinations of diet ingredients, eating behaviors associated with different genetic lines and ingredient pricing. 

before making feed pellet,remember to crush your raw materials by a feed hammer mill

how much kilograms feed pellets should you feed your pig per day

Pellets are developed to be overall sound in nutrition and a primary food source. the pellet mill generally recommended by vets that pellets take priority over other food you feed your animal.It can be difficult to get a mature budgie to switch to pellets when they are used to eating seed. But they are better nutritionally. Many times birds will pick through seeds and only eat their favorite stuff. So even if you give them a variety blend, they might not even eat everything in the seed mix.pellets made by feed pellet making mill can help to get all the important vitamins. Well, at least good Pellets. It's difficult to get all the vitamins especially in winter, when Fresh Food is rare on vitamins. That is the time of giving them pellets. But in every other season it works well. If you have high quality hay and good fresh food. In summer I only feed pellets when a cavy is sick or very old. At the moment I feed pellets because I have a six year old cavy and he really needs extra food. 
I think it would not be absolutely important to feed pellets (in summer, spring and fall), but if you feed only a few then I agree that it doesn't make fat. Again only with good pellets of course. With no or only a few cereal.Cereal doesnt fit in the natural nurishment of a guinea pig and it's not good for their digestion. Too much energy which keep on only for a very short time.