dont know how to deal with your manure? turning them into organic fertilizer granules

our fertilizer pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain with lower price.With the fast 
development of feeding animals industry and biomass energy saving project, this kind of pellet machine becomes very popular. Since the fertilizer granulator machine not only can 
process the feed stuffs for animal ssuch as feed for fish, chicken, pig etc, but also 
can process the waste biomass material to manure fertilizer pellet.The final fertilizer pellet can be burned as green fuel in pellet stove or boiler.The animal manure can be as the raw material to be produced to pellets with different size . such as cow dung ,chicken manure,duck manure etc.

Advantages of fertilizer pellet mill

a. the fertilizer pellet mill has high efficiency and output with low energy consumption:
through its reasonable and professionaldesign,the fertilizer pellet machine feeds and
press evenly, and discharges pellets with low damage.
b.The pellets the fertilizer pellet mill produces are smooth and even,
of high standard hardness and heat value
c.Pellet mill with diesel engine, unlimited by electricity, can be worked at any place.
d. the fertilizer pellet mill has stronger and durable spare parts, such as that the roller is made by high grad complex alloy steel
e. Of various kinds of pore diameter flat die to choose.

small manure fertilizer pellet mill making manure as organic fertilizer

fertilizer pellet mill is mainly used for making organic materials into fertilizer pellets. The materials can be sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds and crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low-bonding and unformed materials.the pellet mill may also be applicable to biological fertilizer,organic manure as well as fertilizer for low-temperature granulation with whole organic fertilizer production line.this small manure fertilizer pellet mill is a kind of small pellet machine, which are made of a set of press roller, flat die, feeder and gear bearings equipped with electrical motor, diesel engine, tractor and gasoline powerd. You can select a proper flat die small wood pellet mill depending on your practical needs. The pellets are made from powder materials under great force created between flat die and press rollers. For instance, you can make own pellets with flat die small wood pellet mill at home or on the farm.

advantages of manure fertilizer pellet mill

1,the manure fertilizer pellet mill is suitbale for small farm to produce animal feed or fuel pellet

2,the manure fertilizer pellet mill could produce diameter 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm pellet

3,the manure pellet mill suitbale for making the biomass, sawdust pellet, etc.

4,Our manure pellet mill and matched machine line already pass through CE,ISO,CNCA,ETC certificates.quality have warrenty

5,It have very wide usage for different kinds farm waste,forest waste,can bring huge profit for our end user

chicken manure/organic fertilizer drying machine from China manufacturer

rotary drum dryer Scope: suitable for large, medium and small farms and aquaculture industry is relatively developed regions, according to the requirements of drying the product, using different heat sources. Such as: gas furnace, hot stove direct, indirect stove, oil, electric heating, steam and so is necessary when making pellets with a pellet mill. the organic fertilizer drying machine applies to less than 65 percent moisture chicken, duck manure, poultry manure, slaughterhouse waste, etc., for the open feed resources, reduce feeding costs, reduce environmental pollution has good results.The chicken manure drying machine is mainly composed of heating device, feeding machine, rotating cylindrical tube, material crushing plant, discharging part, fan, unloading part and Distribution Cabinet.
Material to be dried enters the manure drying machine, and as the organic fertilizer drying machine rotates, the material is lifted up by fins. When the material gets high enough to roll back off the fins,raw materials falls back down to the bottom of the dryer, passing through the hot gas stream as it falls. The dried manure enters another section of the dryer for discharging. 

Features of manure drying machine

1, the manure drying machine production process: It will contain 65% water fresh chicken after high-temperature drying, sterilization, drying and other processes from the decomposition of water containing less than 13% pure chicken manure organic fertilizer.

2, drying the finished product: This organic fertilizer machine has a variety of crop nutrients necessary. Identified by the research department Detection: The fertilizer nitrogen content was 2.6%, 3.5% phosphorus, potassium content of 2.5%, crude protein of 16-25%, 45% organic matter.

widely used drum drying equipment/manure/sludge drying equipment for industry

rotary drum dryer is mainly used for drying materials with high humidity, building materials, metallurgy,chemical industry,organic/compound fertilizer granules,printing and other industries. Due to its strong adaptability,drum drying equipment is capable of drying various materials, Moreover,the drum drying equipment is easy to operate and stable, so the rotary drum dryer machine is commonly applied.Rotary dryers can be used for drying many kinds of materials and with convenient and reliable operation; therefore,the drum drying equipment has been widely used.the manure drying equipment is an important machine in fertilizer making line.It can not only dry organic fertilizer but also inorganic fertilizer and other kinds of fertilizers.

1.The drum drying equipment is less investment, quick effect, good economic benefit and used with pellet mill to make good quality kinds of pellets
2.Complete sets of equipment, process layout is compact, scientific and reasonable, technology is advanced.
3.the drum drying equipment can save energy and reducing consumption, and no "three wastes" discharge, stable operation, convenient reliable operation and maintenance
4.the manure drying equipment has wide adaptability of raw material , suitable for compound fertilizer material, medicine, chemical industry, fodder etc all kinds of raw material, granulation. And have high granule rate.
5.the drum drying equipment can produce all kinds of concentration, a variety of types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizers, etc

working principle and features of a rotary drum cooling machine for fertilizer granules

The dried materials are taking from belt conveyor or bucket elevator to the hopper of the rotary drum cooler . Then they go into feed side via the hopper feeder and feeding tube. The feeding tube's gradient is bigger than materials' natural inclination. Then the materials can fluently flow into cooler. The cooler cylinder is a slightly into the sloping and horizontal rotating cylinder, materials add into from a high place airflow flow out from a low place. Counter-current contact with the material.the rotary drum cooling machine is used with fertilizer granulator to make up a organic fertilizer plant or compound fertilizer plant. the rotary drum cooling machine also has airflow and materials flow into cylinder together. With the cylinder turn around, materials go into the low place by gravity. During the materials go advance in the cylinder of the cooling pellet mill directly or indirectly, the material getting the role of cool air flow which makes the hot material cool down, then send off via belt conveyor or screw conveyor. The copy board installed on the cylinder wall plate.the rotary drum cooling machine role is taking materials up and then put them down. This can makes contact surface bigger between materials and airflow. Then it can improve the cooking rate and make the material advanced. After heat carrier go though cooler. the rotary drum cooling machine always need cyclone collect the materials of air carrying off. If it need further decrease the dust content of exhaust gas, it will be need a bag type dust collector or hydrofilter to discharge the exhaust gas.

features of drum cooling machine:

1. Great capacity of production, can be continuous operation.

2. Simple structure, low malfunction, convenient operation, low cost of maintenance,

stable operation.

3. Wide usage, can be used for the drying of different materials in powder, granule, strip,

lump, large elasticity of operation. Output is allowed to have larger fluctuations in

manufacturing, but not allowed to influence the quality of the products.

4. Large equipment, difficult to install and remove , low heat capacity coefficient,

relatively low thermal efficiency

rotary type cooling machine for cooling fertilizer granules/feed pellets/other granules

This rotary drum cooler machine is used for cooling down the temperature of fertilizer granules that with degrees and granularity.the rotary cooling machine is using with fertilizer granulator,rotary drum dryer machine,etc other fertilizer equipment to make up of a whole fertilizer production line. To upgrade the speed of cooling down. And save the labor and raising the capacity of the whole line. This cooling pellet machine is used for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.the rotary cooling machine can cool fixed temperature and granularity fertilizer. Working with the dryer, the fertilizer cooling machine can improve the cooling speed fastly, relieve the working intensity and improve the quality, then it can wipe off some moisture and reduce the temperature of every granularity. Meanwhile, the rotary cooling machine for fertilizer can also used for cooling other powdery and grainy materials. The structure also has many features, such as compact structure, high cooling frequency, reliable characteristic and strong adaptability.

If the material to be cooled is at an extremely high temperature, the feed end of cooler can be refractory lined or fabricated by high temperature alloys. Used in series with a direct fired rotary dryer or rotary kiln, the hot air leaving the cooler can serve as preheated secondary combustion air, that reduce fuel usage.

This kind of rotary cooling machine has the advantage of compact structure, less investment, Economic Space Occupation, energy saving, low production cost and improving production environment.

the rotary cooling machine for fertilizer granules is suitable for all kinds of high, middle and lower concentration of production process of compound fertilizer.

Our company applies for patent of the middle transition device which is the key part of the two-in-one equipment.

double roller granulator is also best for making compound fertilizer with small requirement

The series of double roller granulator is extrusion model , its working principle is the belt and pulley driven by electric motors , to the driving shaft to pass through the reducer , and synchronization off then gear and the driven shaft opposite the work . Material from the hopper to join, after the roll extrusion molding ,mold release , making the ball , and after a chain sent to the broken screen studio , under the screen and the separation of the finished pieces (the ball) tablets , and then return the mixture of material with new material before granulating . With the continuous rotation of motor , the material continues to enter in order to achieve mass production.The finished granules by this fertilizer granulator is oval shape, if you want round ball shape granules,a ball shaping machine can help, ball shaping machine is used to make cylindrical and oval shape granules (pellets) into round ball shape adopts high speed rotation working principle to make round ball pellets.

The raw material can be compressed directly in the normal temperature.the double roller type fertilizer pellet mill not only applies to make the multielement compound fertilizer, but also applies to rare earth magnetic fertilizer granulation. Such as, urea ammonium bicarbonate, chloride, ammonia, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and so on. 
the double roller fertilizer granulator equipment belongs to dry method granulation,the raw materials moisture required must be blow 10%,do not need any drying equipment to dry the raw materials the finished granules.thus the fertilizer extrusion machine can save a lot of cost for your production.
this double roller fertilizer press granulator has two main working parts:
1.squeezing and pressing part: raw materials are pressed into big high density and hard granules cake under the squeezing pressure.
2.granulating part:the pressed granules cake is crushed and screened into small granules.

bio fertilizer making machine/mutifunction double roller granulator

The bio fertilizer making machine is multifunction double roller granulator  which is suitable for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer granules,medicine,chemical industry,feeding field etc.The bio fertilizer making machine can produce all kinds of thick high,a variety of types compound fertilizer,The bio fertilizer pellet machine is especially used for the rare earths,potash,producyion series compound fertilizer granulation.Besides,there is no need any rotary drum dryer equipment,and low temperature,low energy consumption.The raw material for bio fertilizer making machine can be compressed directly in the normal temperature.the double roller granulator can be set up of a whole fertilizer production line with crusher,blender,conveyor,packing machine etc for small production requirement.

Used and charactaristic of double roller granulator

1, Room temperature can be directly material compressing the powder partiles, not only to producyion bicarbonate, chloride ammonium phosphate,potasssum chloride and othe materials for the mulielement compound fertilizer and also applies to
2, Rare earth magnetic fertilizer granulation, without drying equipment, particle high intensity.
3, production process with the right materials roller friction coefficient, low temperature, low energy consumption, pollution-free,meenwhile in order to meet user needs, reach small investment and quick benefit, the plantalso for users equipment with mixers mills buckert elevator,poleand other fertilizer production of complete setd of equipment.

disc type fertilizer granulator equipment for organic fertilizer factory use

Disc granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine that can be used in fertilizer production. the disc type fertilizer granulator can process fertilizers into specific shape and the processed particles are of the same size. Our fertilizer granulator equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, high granulating efficiency, reliable performance, long service life, easy operation, etc.this type organic fertilizer pellet machine is the fertilizer capacity that mostly influences the diameter of disc granulating machine.The organic fertilizer granulating equipment producing capacity and organic fertilizer producing requirements also matters a lot. When the diameter is determined, the height can be also calculated. In general,the larger of the diameter, the higher of the height. The height of discs plays important role in granulating time.

Working Principle of disc fertilizer granulator

The pan revolves at a certain angle with the horizontal plane driven by the motor through reducer. The powder will rise along with the revolving pan under the friction between the powder and the pan, on the other hand, the powder will fall down under the function of its gravity. At the same time, the powder is to the pan edge because of the centrifugal force. The powder material rolls in a certain trace under the function of these three forces.

impressed features of disc granulator for making organic fertilizer granules

impressed features of disc granulator for making organic fertilizer granules

1.The disc edge of the disc granulator adopt overall circular structure , the granulation rate may reach above 93% .
2.The reduction gears and the electric motor adopt flexible belt .
3.The fertilizer granulator start is steady.the organic disc granualtor can slow down the impulse and enhance the working life.
4.The plate bottom adopt multiple steel plate which is firm ,durable , not deforming .
5.The bottom design which don’t need foundation bolt to fix is firm , extra strong ,aggravated and stable operated .
6.The granulator is durable and sturdy ,life long using , is a perfect fertilizer pellet machine for the users .
7. The high capacity organic fertilizer disc granulator is one of the
common fertilizer industry equipments.
8. the organic fertilizer disc granulator is applied to the medium or low concentration, small-scale production.
The disc is set and adjusted between 40 °-55 °.
9. The organic fertilizer machine disc granulator is drived by motor reducer gear to join mixed good materials fertilizer.
10. Because of rise in the force of gravity scroll down, in the above several under the action of forces plate material, gradually formed the nuclear straight to finished product size, round plate by the spill.
11. The organic fertilizer disc granulator is of high rate of being ball particles, high strength, anti- corrosive, easily operated, convenient maintenance.

horizontal ribbon animal feed blending machine from China supplier

horizontal ribbon animal feed blending machine from China supplier

The ribbon horizontal animal feed blender is a new style and high efficiency animal feed blender machine,which can be widely used to mix Chemical,Medicine,compound fertilizer,dye,colour,pigment,cement, silica sand,powder milk,fodder,feed additive industry,mainly to mix Powder-powder,Powder-liquid material.the ribbon horizontal animal feed blender machine is generally used together with a pellet mill making animal feed pellets. the feed blender working principle is by double-shaft blades, the mixed material can be evenly stirred and conveyed. The product has the features of well mixed, hard alloy scarf-welding blade, good wear resistance, and long service life.the animal feed blending equipment is mainly used as the supporting main machine of various concrete production lines, can also be used in coal slime mixing, hazardous waste solidification and other industries.

Features of feed blending machine

1.Animal Feed blending Machine set vertical lifting, mixed bin, horizontal transporting as a whole.

2.Animal Feed blending Machine is most suitable for small farmers using, and it can mix and crush feed for pigs, cows, horses, rabbit, chicken, fish, dove and so on.

3.Vertical Animal Feed blending Machine actually designed for the rural raiser, small livestock farms and medium and small-sized feed factory, it is a small feed processing equipment.

4. Animal Feed blending Machine Agitation tank can stir 1000 kilograms at one single time ,matched with two motor.

5. Animal Feed blending Machine self-priming function can absorb material into crushing work tank and then crush materials. After crushing, the crushed material can go through the side pipe into the mixed mixing work tank mixed stirring

high accuracy horizontal feed blender equipment blending animal feed

high accuracy horizontal feed blender equipment blending animal feed

Horizontal feed blender is a new type of blending equipment with high efficiency, high uniformity, high load factor, low energy consumption, low pollution and little destruction to frangible material.the high accuracy horizontal feed blender machine is widely used to mix powder-powder and powder-liquid, especially materials that are paste, viscous or with big specific gravity such as putty, stone coatings, metal powders is usually used with pellet mill to make animal feed pellets the horizontal feed blender machine is currently applied in industries of pharmacy, food, pesticides, dyes, chemicals, plastics, ceramics, paint, putty, mortar etc.the horizontal feed blending equipment can be used to mix all kinds of cereal, grain, like corn, wheat, bean, and others to powder that can make animal feed or for other process, also it can work with small hammer mill for the crushing function at the same time, very convenient and easy to operate.

features of horizontal feed blender
1.Inlet the top of the feed blender has a feed inlet,feeding process can be controlled by people,also can use feeders ;
2.Mixture the different materials are mixed,the mixing chamber compact,and will not leak material;
3.The discharge port design in the bottom of the mixing chamber,in the case of non-stop,open the discharge port,materials will be automatically out.

guidance of how to make pig feed pellets with feed pelletizer machine

guidance of how to make pig feed pellets with feed pelletizer machine

Flat Die Small Pellet Mill are a kind of small pellet machines, which are made of a set of press roller, flat die, feeder and gear bearings equipped with electrical motor, diesel engine, tractor and gasoline powerd. You can select a proper flat die pellet mill depending on your practical needs. The pellets are made from powder materials under great force created between flat die and press rollers. Compared with ring die pig feed pelletizer machine, flat die pellet mill are proper for small large scale pellets production

Why to Make Pig Feed into Pig Feed Pellets?

There are two types of pig feed: pulverous pig feed and pelleting pig feed. Pulverous pig feed is consisted of crushed pig feed raw materials. However, pig feed pellets is made of pig feed raw materials, compressed by an animal feed pellet mill. Under the action of 65-70 degrees hot temperature during the pelletizing process, pig feed pellets will soon become gelatinized and generate a better taste. It is easier for pigs to digestion and absorption. Processed under high temperature, pellets is more healthy for pigs. With good liquidity, pig feed pellets also perform well in storage and transportation.

Raw Materials for Pig Feed Pellets
Cereals: corn, wheat bran, rice bran, sorghum, millet, vinasse, etc.
Proteins and fat: fishmeal, bone meal, soybean meal, peanut cake, cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, etc.
Additive: spices, sweeteners, molasses, fat, mineral elements, vitamins, etc.

do you want invest in small wood pellet mill to make biomass energy?

do you want invest in small wood pellet mill to make biomass energy?

This kind of wood pellet mill can adapt to different varieties of biomass materials, all kinds of straw and forestry crops such as: rice husk, sunflower stalks, coconut shells, seeds, olive logs, sugar beets and so on, can cure for granular fuel. Wood pellet fuel after forming, has good smoothness, beautiful appearance, small cracks, compact degree is high, the advantages of uniform length.There are 2 types of small pellet machines: D-type for softwood and agricultural waste, R-type mainly for hardwood. D-type is short for Die-rotating type, while R-type means Roller-rotating type. And the small pellet mills can be divided into 4 power sources: electric motor (B series), diesel engine (A series), PTO or tractor driven (P series), and gasoline engine (Q series).
What features does our flat die wood pellet mill have?
All models of wood pellet mill ZLSP series are CE approved by SGS, also got ISO9001 and BV.The whole pellet making machine is made by high quality raw materials. For example, the roller and die are made from industry standard 40Cr alloy steel and processed by vacuum heat treatment, so that they are much more durable to use.
You do not need to add binder to the biomass, since the biomass pellet making machinery itself can generate great heat, and the heat can press the powder tightly.

pig feed pellet mill supplier from China trustable supplier

1 Raw materials for such a feed pellet mill are such as corn,bran,grass,corn,maize stalk,rice straw,etc
2 the pig feed pellet mill has stable performance, high output, and low consumption. Easy for maintance, easy operation.
3.our flat die pellet mill is designed to manufacture high-density biomass fuel pellets from raw materials like sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark, etc and the pellets are easily stored and transported.
4.Biomass pellets are widely used in house- warming and power generation.
5.As an alternative fuel for non-renewable energy like coal,oil,gas, the pig feed pellet making macine is a kind of clean and renewable energy with advantages of energy saving and carbon emission reducing.
6 our flat die pig feed pellet mill have High output, low consumption, low noise, low fault, the machine's fatigue.
7.our flat die pig feed pellet mill adopts cold press molding technology, polishing integer process. Beautiful appearance, compact structure.

The raw materials of feed pellets are wide,such as sawdust from wood processing and man-made board production,particle,bark, sanding powder, waste wood, branches;all kinds of straws produced by
the harvest crops; Other types of burnable biomass also can be raw materials. Need not to add any adhesive, after the equipment’s processing, all can be biomass pellet fuels.the small feed pellet making mill is one new kind of gear box which is better than old model, and it is good to make sawdust pellets than before. It also can make the oil cake for the feedstuff , which could be granule pellet for the fish, chicken, animal, etc.The final size is Dia 6,8,10,12mm for the sawdust pellet , and 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,

small pellet mill for making feed pellet with diesel engine

pellet mill is widely used for maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob,cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust cotton stalk, and all kinds of crop straw.the pellet mill is applicable rural breeding farmer and small farms, warren, hennery.Applicable to manure, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulation in low terperature.operation and maintenance is simple, safe and reliable.high adaptability to work site.Small pellet mill is based on mechanical circular motion. the small pellet mill can be driven by diesel engine and motor drive the shaft, and transmission gear speed to the spindle and Templates, then Template rub dynamic pressure rotary. Materials squeeze out from die hole under the pressure of pressured roller, cut off by the knife and fall from the outlet.

Main features of small pellet mill

1) the small pellet mill is with wide range of the raw materials, such asgrain, grass, straw and stalk etc.
2) the small pellet mill has stable performance, high output, and low consumption. Easy for maintance, the small pellet making machine has low failure rate, and easy operation.
3) The whole body of the small pellet mill with strong structure,the flat die and rollers is Wear-resisting, heat-resistant
4) High molding rate, high density
5) The diameter is from 2-8mm, can make according to customers’ need.