the feed mixer is developed based on the U/O type horizontal spiral ribbon feed mixer

the feed mixer is developed based on the U/O type horizontal spiral ribbon feed mixer which has been distributed to a lot of cities by us, after times of improvement.since the feed mixer is designed with three –layer successive spiral ribbons,the feed blender may have three layers of material flows; therefore, during the convention process, the materials maybe mixed rapidly and evenly in such a manner of penetrating through each other and accomplishing displacement. The dry feed powder blender suits for solidification of solid particle mixing and wet granulation,drying,crushing the concentration of composite material are mixed,widely used in chemical raw materials,paint,pharmaceutical raw materials,feed production.The dry powder mixing machinery is a new type of high efficient mixing equipment which is used with feed pellet machine for feed pellet making,the feed mixer is widely used in chemical industry, compound fertilizer,dyestuff,pigment,rubber,building materials,refractory materials, clastic glass and new material,such as solid -solid(powder and power),solid-liquid(powder and liquid) material is complete sets of feed processing unit, designed according to feed processing households, chicken farms, pig farms, feed mills. The feed processing unit include feeding machine, grinder and mixer.
powder blender is popular in the marketing.

Features of ribbon feed mixer/feed blender machine

1.the feed mixer has High mixing speed, high output, adopt multilayer spiral belt mixing, average mixing time in 5-10 minutes;

2.Multi-usage, the feed mixer machine can also produce heat preservation mortar, putty paste, stucco gypsum, really stone paint, etc.

3.the feed mixer has Low maintenance rate, bearing on both ends of mixer, and the materials is not easy to enter, equipped with a speed
reducer, low repair rate.

4.the feed mixer has High mix, and the composite material movement, multilayer ribbon, stirring no dead Angle, high uniformity, good quality;

5.the feed mixer can Cover an area of an area small, automatic feeding device, improve work efficiency.

6.the feed mixer has U/O type tube structure, smooth operation, low noise, long service life and wide range of application;

7.The inner and outer layers bring back mixing screw, no dead Angle, mixing speed, high uniformity;

8.Putty powder mixer adopts spiral ascending feeding, feeding port and the ground, easy to feed;

feed blender machine Mixing time is short (3-6 minutes /batch

feed blender machine Mixing time is short (3-6 minutes /batch). Adding input and outlet time,the mixing time is about 15-20minutes per batch(full load working), the feed blender machine can mix 4-6times per hour. The degree of homogeneity is high(cv is smaller than 5%), the mixing time can be adjusted according to feeding materials speed and quanity.feed blender machine hassingle two-- layer ribbon shaft inside,mixing efficiency and working balance are both very high .all steel materials of feed mixer can be changed into full stainless or carbon steel according to raw materials charactor.feed blender machine inside ribbon shaft mixing balance degree are both very stable ,when works, shaft doesn’t have shaking, also the gap between shaft and mixer body is very reasonable,the feed mixer machine is our national free inspection mixing machine,feed blender machine is very hot more than 4000 sets per year , greatly welcome to ask me for details , we have big discont for old customers of order by large quantity.Ribbon Blender is an efficient mixing equipment which is used with feed pellet machine for feed pellet making.the feed blender works on the principle of inner ribbon send the inside material to both sides, at the same time outer ribbon send the outside material to the middle, so that the material make radiation movement in the mixing process. Meanwhile, this design also facilitates material discharge. The ribbon blender can carry a vacuum, hot and cold jacket. Besides, the customers have option to choose the design of outlet valve in bottom or center and the high-speed disperser.

features of horizontal ribbon feed mixer

1) Horizontal ribbon feed mixer consists of U-shaped containers, ribbon mixing blade and transmission components.

2) The ribbon including continuous and disconnect.

3) The helical ribbon blade is made of a double or triple outer spiral the mateial from both sidesbrings together the central inner spiral the material transported from teh center to the sides to form a stream mixed.

Horizontal dry powder feed mixer is a type of high efficient and widely used mixing machine

Horizontal dry powder feed mixer is a type of high efficient and widely used mixing machine. the feed mixer is widely used for mixing powder materials such as putty powder,mortar powder ,putty,torrefaction powder,pesticide ,animal feedings ,feed additives , compound fertilizer and food industry.Principal axis of inner barrel is twined around double ribbon .The  ribbon rotates around the axis,thus the feed blender can push materials moving along the spiral direction.The spiral structure of outer spiral band matches with principal axis to push materials to discharging port,and ensure inner barrel discharging without blind angle. Besides there is a square-mouth on the barrel bottom of mixer ,used for cleaning. This feed mixer machine is popularly used by some big feed processing factories used together with feed pellet making machine to produce animal feed pellet. With the advanced design, reasonable arrangement, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, the final products of the this machine has the quality of even ingredients, high productivity, less-taking space, labor-saving and less production on dusts and also good sealing. With reasonable price and perfect after-sale service,this machine is the best choice for the animal raiser to making fortune. 

Features of feed mixer machine

1. The mixing chamber is “W” horizontal shell shape, Double shafts and many paddles. The spraying system (spray nozzle & fittings)which is on top of mixer can meet light and heavy bulk density materials mixing, improve the liquid atomizing and prevent from agglomerating;
2. Specially designed discharger has big door-opening angle and quick discharging with little residue. Good tightness and no products leakage;
3. High mixing speed and high homogeneity. the feed mixer machine makes materials mixed and is not influenced for bulk density, filling degree in state of loss weight;
4. the feed mixer machine is widely used for mixing of powdered, granular, flaky, blocky, irregular and sticky materials in the industries of feed, cereal, food, chemicals, medicines, pesticides, etc.

This feed grinder mixer machine is mainly used to crushing and mixing kinds of raw materials

This 2 in 1 animal feed crusher mixer machine is vertical type which saves your room and saves your price cost and absorb the raw materials by itself,completely automatically feeding. This feed blender crusher machine is mainly used to crushing and mixing kinds of raw materials to produce poultry feed used together with feed pellet making machine for making animal feed pellet . The crushing part is hammer mill grinder with feature of absorbing the raw materials automatically,the mixing part is vertical screw type,feeding raw materials through a screw conveyor.
This type vertical animal feed crusher mixer machine is concentrated with conveyor,feed crushing machine,feed mixing machine into one equipment which makes it occupy a small room and high cost performance.
The production scale is from 500 kilograms per hour to 2000 kilograms per hour which is suitable for small poultry farm or home use to make powder animal feed.the feed grinder mixer machine is usually used with feed pellet machine to set up a small feed pellet production plant. because of the impressed feature of 2 in 1,you save using separated 
feed grinder mixer machine .Applicable to the feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries in powder, granule, flake and miscellaneous materials mixing; Horizontal, batch type mixer, each batch mixing time is 3 ~ 6 minutes, especially for adding liquid mixing; equip the grease adding pipe, overall structure is reasonable, the convenient operation and maintenance; with creative generation ribbon blade rotor structure, cv ≤ 5% , Shaft head and end and discharging door adopt unique mature sealing technology, ensure no leakage. And the standard chinese standard motor, domestic gear speed reducer, reducer motor belt drive.

animal feed grinder and mixer Advantages

feed grinder mixer machine absorbs the raw materials automatically by itself
2. Vertical 2 in 1 type makes it occupy small room
feed grinder mixer machine can be used for kinds of raw materials like grains,grass,straw
feed grinder mixer machine can be driven by diesel engine or electricity motor.
5.Pneumatic cylinder to control the discharge exit. 6. Gas pressure spring help the top cover easy open
7.Control panel simple and easy operate .With timer to set the mixing time
8. High effective (we test before ,it can mix well one batch within 2 minutes)
feed grinder mixer machine can be add the sprayer to mixer the liquid material. 0.All structure made by SS 304