bio fertilizer making machine/mutifunction double roller granulator

The bio fertilizer making machine is multifunction double roller granulator  which is suitable for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer granules,medicine,chemical industry,feeding field etc.The bio fertilizer making machine can produce all kinds of thick high,a variety of types compound fertilizer,The bio fertilizer pellet machine is especially used for the rare earths,potash,producyion series compound fertilizer granulation.Besides,there is no need any rotary drum dryer equipment,and low temperature,low energy consumption.The raw material for bio fertilizer making machine can be compressed directly in the normal temperature.the double roller granulator can be set up of a whole fertilizer production line with crusher,blender,conveyor,packing machine etc for small production requirement.

Used and charactaristic of double roller granulator

1, Room temperature can be directly material compressing the powder partiles, not only to producyion bicarbonate, chloride ammonium phosphate,potasssum chloride and othe materials for the mulielement compound fertilizer and also applies to
2, Rare earth magnetic fertilizer granulation, without drying equipment, particle high intensity.
3, production process with the right materials roller friction coefficient, low temperature, low energy consumption, pollution-free,meenwhile in order to meet user needs, reach small investment and quick benefit, the plantalso for users equipment with mixers mills buckert elevator,poleand other fertilizer production of complete setd of equipment.

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