rotary type cooling machine for cooling fertilizer granules/feed pellets/other granules

This rotary drum cooler machine is used for cooling down the temperature of fertilizer granules that with degrees and granularity.the rotary cooling machine is using with fertilizer granulator,rotary drum dryer machine,etc other fertilizer equipment to make up of a whole fertilizer production line. To upgrade the speed of cooling down. And save the labor and raising the capacity of the whole line. This cooling pellet machine is used for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.the rotary cooling machine can cool fixed temperature and granularity fertilizer. Working with the dryer, the fertilizer cooling machine can improve the cooling speed fastly, relieve the working intensity and improve the quality, then it can wipe off some moisture and reduce the temperature of every granularity. Meanwhile, the rotary cooling machine for fertilizer can also used for cooling other powdery and grainy materials. The structure also has many features, such as compact structure, high cooling frequency, reliable characteristic and strong adaptability.

If the material to be cooled is at an extremely high temperature, the feed end of cooler can be refractory lined or fabricated by high temperature alloys. Used in series with a direct fired rotary dryer or rotary kiln, the hot air leaving the cooler can serve as preheated secondary combustion air, that reduce fuel usage.

This kind of rotary cooling machine has the advantage of compact structure, less investment, Economic Space Occupation, energy saving, low production cost and improving production environment.

the rotary cooling machine for fertilizer granules is suitable for all kinds of high, middle and lower concentration of production process of compound fertilizer.

Our company applies for patent of the middle transition device which is the key part of the two-in-one equipment.

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