horizontal ribbon animal feed blending machine from China supplier

horizontal ribbon animal feed blending machine from China supplier

The ribbon horizontal animal feed blender is a new style and high efficiency animal feed blender machine,which can be widely used to mix Chemical,Medicine,compound fertilizer,dye,colour,pigment,cement, silica sand,powder milk,fodder,feed additive industry,mainly to mix Powder-powder,Powder-liquid material.the ribbon horizontal animal feed blender machine is generally used together with a pellet mill making animal feed pellets. the feed blender working principle is by double-shaft blades, the mixed material can be evenly stirred and conveyed. The product has the features of well mixed, hard alloy scarf-welding blade, good wear resistance, and long service life.the animal feed blending equipment is mainly used as the supporting main machine of various concrete production lines, can also be used in coal slime mixing, hazardous waste solidification and other industries.

Features of feed blending machine

1.Animal Feed blending Machine set vertical lifting, mixed bin, horizontal transporting as a whole.

2.Animal Feed blending Machine is most suitable for small farmers using, and it can mix and crush feed for pigs, cows, horses, rabbit, chicken, fish, dove and so on.

3.Vertical Animal Feed blending Machine actually designed for the rural raiser, small livestock farms and medium and small-sized feed factory, it is a small feed processing equipment.

4. Animal Feed blending Machine Agitation tank can stir 1000 kilograms at one single time ,matched with two motor.

5. Animal Feed blending Machine self-priming function can absorb material into crushing work tank and then crush materials. After crushing, the crushed material can go through the side pipe into the mixed mixing work tank mixed stirring

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