guidance of how to make pig feed pellets with feed pelletizer machine

guidance of how to make pig feed pellets with feed pelletizer machine

Flat Die Small Pellet Mill are a kind of small pellet machines, which are made of a set of press roller, flat die, feeder and gear bearings equipped with electrical motor, diesel engine, tractor and gasoline powerd. You can select a proper flat die pellet mill depending on your practical needs. The pellets are made from powder materials under great force created between flat die and press rollers. Compared with ring die pig feed pelletizer machine, flat die pellet mill are proper for small large scale pellets production

Why to Make Pig Feed into Pig Feed Pellets?

There are two types of pig feed: pulverous pig feed and pelleting pig feed. Pulverous pig feed is consisted of crushed pig feed raw materials. However, pig feed pellets is made of pig feed raw materials, compressed by an animal feed pellet mill. Under the action of 65-70 degrees hot temperature during the pelletizing process, pig feed pellets will soon become gelatinized and generate a better taste. It is easier for pigs to digestion and absorption. Processed under high temperature, pellets is more healthy for pigs. With good liquidity, pig feed pellets also perform well in storage and transportation.

Raw Materials for Pig Feed Pellets
Cereals: corn, wheat bran, rice bran, sorghum, millet, vinasse, etc.
Proteins and fat: fishmeal, bone meal, soybean meal, peanut cake, cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, etc.
Additive: spices, sweeteners, molasses, fat, mineral elements, vitamins, etc.

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