double roller granulator is also best for making compound fertilizer with small requirement

The series of double roller granulator is extrusion model , its working principle is the belt and pulley driven by electric motors , to the driving shaft to pass through the reducer , and synchronization off then gear and the driven shaft opposite the work . Material from the hopper to join, after the roll extrusion molding ,mold release , making the ball , and after a chain sent to the broken screen studio , under the screen and the separation of the finished pieces (the ball) tablets , and then return the mixture of material with new material before granulating . With the continuous rotation of motor , the material continues to enter in order to achieve mass production.The finished granules by this fertilizer granulator is oval shape, if you want round ball shape granules,a ball shaping machine can help, ball shaping machine is used to make cylindrical and oval shape granules (pellets) into round ball shape adopts high speed rotation working principle to make round ball pellets.

The raw material can be compressed directly in the normal temperature.the double roller type fertilizer pellet mill not only applies to make the multielement compound fertilizer, but also applies to rare earth magnetic fertilizer granulation. Such as, urea ammonium bicarbonate, chloride, ammonia, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and so on. 
the double roller fertilizer granulator equipment belongs to dry method granulation,the raw materials moisture required must be blow 10%,do not need any drying equipment to dry the raw materials the finished granules.thus the fertilizer extrusion machine can save a lot of cost for your production.
this double roller fertilizer press granulator has two main working parts:
1.squeezing and pressing part: raw materials are pressed into big high density and hard granules cake under the squeezing pressure.
2.granulating part:the pressed granules cake is crushed and screened into small granules.

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