ammonium nutriate compound fertilizer plant used in fertilizer plant

According to the different conditions of the factory, the original production urea (ammonium nitrate) factory new compound fertilizer production plant, the factory can be directly to the compound fertilizer plant supply urea concentrated solution or ammonium nitrate solution.
Buying solid urea and ammonium nitrate factory can be set ammonium nitrate or the rapid melting urea device, made strong solution.
This urea production line all the technological process system by raw materials measuring ingredients, urea concentrated solution preparation, crushing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening, the return of material measurement, dry and wet tail gas treatment and parcel oil system components.
Potassium chloride and other basic fertilizer and auxiliary material, respectively by the loader to join their ingredients storage hopper.
According to the amount of charge calculation, the raw material by measuring belt measuring, the summary to the raw materials on the belt, then after raw material hoist to drum granulator.
The urea device to send over a certain concentration of urine after the measurement into the drum type fertilizer making machine. With the help of material in the fertilizer granulator the rotation of the body, forming a solid material flow bed.

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