Disc granulator angle is used by the overall arc structure of stainless steel

Disc granulator angle is used by the overall arc structure of stainless steel, with the graining rate of 93%. the pan of the disc granulator design allows discontinuous production operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving labor efficiency. Reducer and motor adopt a flexible belt drive for smooth start, slowdown impact and improving the fertilizer granulator life. Multiple radiation steel is used to strengthen the disc granulator bottom, durable and never deformed. Thicker, heavier and solid base design makes smooth operation, without anchor bolts. disc granulator main gear uses high-frequency quenching, life doubled. The disc fertilizer pellet mill has the features in uniform granulation, high graining rates, stable operation, durable and long working life, etc. and hence the disc granulator becomes the best choice for most customer.

This disc granulator is a kind of fertilizer equipment,which is mainly used to process fertilizers into specific shapes. Particles processed by this granulator are of the same size.This disc granulator organic fertilizer production line has the features of simple structure, high granulating efficiency, reliable performance, easy operation, and longer service life, etc. This disc granulator is widely used in gold concentrator,coal mine,chemical plant,construction and foundry for quantitative and even feeding, and also suitable for conveying of materials with granularity less than 50mm.

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