pan mixer is used for mixing of fertilizer and other material

Pan mixer, also called disk mixer, or vertical mixer, vertical mixing machine,  is used for mixing of fertilizer and other materials.The pan fertilizer mixer is applied to mix raw materials like fertilizer, castable, refractory materials, plastic mixed soil, motar, mineral slags, etc.the fertilizer machine is mainly used for raw material mixing in fertilizer production line plant. Disk is made of polypropylene plate lined with or stainless steel plate, therefore, not easily sticky materials.using the cycloidal reducer machine which has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation, unloading transportation is convenient.

Working principle of Pan Mixer:

First, the ration of raw powder flows into the mixing tank through feed opening and then water which has been integrated under certain temperature.
Second, the pan fertilizer mixer using a certain length shaft through mixing vane to mix up raw powder and then form a nuclear bulge which contains certain moisture.
Third, put the nuclear bulge into the ball plate and stir. The whole stirring divide into atomization area, Stir zone, discharge zone.

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