what is the compost fertilizer technology making organic fertilizer

Compost is what you get when various waste substances are combined so that helpful bacteria digest them and turn them into a fluffy soil-like substance. Compost Fertilizer is often made with household vegetable wastes mixed with grass cuttings or leaves. compost fertilizer can also include animal or human solid waste. compost fertilizer can be made in backyards or industrially,after composted you can use organic fertilizer granulator to turn them into compost fertilizer ball granules. Compost can often suppy nutrients for plants, and adds to the structural quality of the soil.
Fertilizer is any substance used to supply the nutritional needs of plants.organic fertilizer is fertilizer that meets organic requirements. Philosophically, organic fertilizer should come from renewable sources and not include man-made or harmful chemicals.

Composting is a method for treating solid waste in which organic material is broken down by microorganisms in the presence of oxygen to a point where it can be safely stored,
handled and applied to the environment. Composting can benefit the environment as a natural fertilizer forgardening and farming.
Composting creates the ideal conditions for the natural decay or rotting processes that occur in nature. The compost conditions must be balanced for efficient decomposition.
* Organic waste – newspaper, leaves, grass, kitchen waste (fruits, vegetables), woody materials
* Plenty of air – source of oxygen, mixture should be turned daily or every other day
* Adequate water – mixture should be moist, but not soaking wet
* Proper mix of carbon to nitrogen – ratio should be about 30:1
* Small particle size – big pieces should be broken up, as smaller particles break down more rapidly
* Adequate amount of soil – should provide enough microorganisms for the process

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