fertilizer crusher for wet materials adopted advanced crushing technology

This fertilizer crusher is our factory scientific research personnel of half wet material is both at home and abroad advanced crushing technology, and with years of production experience repeatedly research, improvement, make with meticulous care professional grinder of half wet material . The fertilizer granulator machine thoroughly solved the problem of high water cut organic crushing, belong to domestic initiation. The fertilizer production machine the successful development of biological organic fertilizer, compost production shorten the process flow, reduce equipment investment, save operating cost has played a key role.

Half wet material small crushing machine of fertilizer is used for smashing of raw material and recycle material, the equipment is based on production of compound fertilizer.
The fertilizer making machine is mainly used to crush materials of biological fermentation organic fertilizer with moisture below 30%. The crusher is used to crush all kinds of manure which can be used in fertilizer production line.

Feature of fertilizer crusher for wet materials

1:this fertilizer crusher is the one of horizontal cage mill for middle size .

2:fertilizer crusher can smash many materials , what's have 6% moisture and high hardness .

3:it's have easy structure , and little yard , and Easy maintenance .

4: fertilizer crusher have a good effect , smooth operation , easy clean .

5:fertilizer crusher the enemy of many high hardness materials .

6, this fertilizer crusher is the one of horizontal cage mill for middle size.

7, it's have easy structure, and little yard, and Easy maintenance.

8, It's have a good effect, smooth operation, easy clean.
9, It's the enemy of many high hardness materials.

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