As a professional fertilizer mixer manufacturer, we provide kinds of fertilizer equipment

As a professional vertical fertilizer mixer manufacturer in China, we can provide not only fertilizer mixing equipment, but also ball mills, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, and shearing machines, etc. Due to their high quality and low price, these products are sold to Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and more,vertical fertilizer mixer is mainly used to mix bulk materials or granular materials, such as feed, fertilizers, putty powders, chemical powders, and so on. It is widely used in metallurgy, fertilizer manufacturing industry, building industry, and some other fields. There are many kinds of vertical mixing equipment, including single screw cone type mixers, double screw cone type mixing machines, straight mixers, and so on

Characteristics of our 
fertilizer mixer
1. Our 
fertilizer mixer is designed for mixing fertilizers.
2. Features of our industrial 
fertilizer mixer include rational structure, easy operation, steady running, high production efficiency, reliable performance, high mixing speed, good mixing uniformity, and high durability, etc.
fertilizer mixer can be used individually or in conjunction with other fertilizer production equipment.

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