Horizontal fertilizer mixer is our new generation fertilizer equipment for fertilizer plant

horizontal fertilizer mixer is our new generation fertilizer equipment.the horizontal fertilizer mixer machine is with high mixing rate, less residual,suitable for feed, concentrated feed, premix additives mixing.In order to improve the mixing uniformity; using new rotor structure, the minimum gap between rotor and shell can be adjusted to zero degree, which can effectively reduce the material residues.horizontal fertilizer mixer machine is our company's one of main fertilizer production line products.we can produce disc granulator, rotary dryer, coating machine, packing machine and other fertilizer equipment. We are one of China best manufacturers of horizontal mixer, to provide you with the lowest horizontal mixer price and professional technology design, welcome to visit and consult.

Characteristics of Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer:

◆Mixing speed is quick and has good uniformity.

◆Can mixed the viscous material with 30% moisture.

◆Effective reduce the material residues.

◆Overall structure is more reasonable,

◆Beautiful appearance

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