horizontal fertilizer mixing machine features and structures for making organic fertilizer

Horizontal Fertilizer Mixing Machine Features
1.the horizontal fertilizer mixing machine is applied to many heavy industry fields such as chemicals,pharmacy,food,fertilizer,dyestuff,construction materials,resin glass,ect.
2.High mixing speed and uniformly mixing,low noise.
3.Reduction gears is matched to make sure stable mixing.
4.Carbon steel materials,durable and simple maintenance cost.
5.Low energy consumption,simple operation.
Horizontal Fertilizer Mixing Machine Structure
Horizontal mixing machine is equipped with a horizontal cylinder which is used with organic fertilizer granulator. There are two main shafts on which welded many small shovels for blending. The shovels are made of robust carbon steel which is thick enough to blend and crush heavy duty fertilizer particles.Horizontal engine drives main shafts rotating. There is polypropylene material coated on the inner liner to prevent corrosion. There is reduction gears matched to ensure stable performance. The tactical design of mixing drum and rotating shafts make materials completely and evenly blending.Improves mix homogeneity; innovative rotor structure, minimum clearance of rotor and housing adjustable to virtually zero, effectively reduces the amount of material residue; add a pipe fitted with grease, the overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance.

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