the whole small pellet machine adopts special high quality materials

the whole small pellet machine adopts special high quality materials; the gear parts is made of superior alloy steel and wear-resistant materials; thus has long working life.he speed of flat die and rollers can be adjusted precisely by the transmission of gear box for pressing superior pellets; visible pelletizing process, easy to operate.the feed pellet mill is originally designed to make wood pellets, flat die feed pellet making machine was popular in early years. Taking customers feedback and energy market into consideration, we have absorbed the technique and brought it into wood pelletizing field. For the users who just want to recycle their agricultural waste such as corn stalk, rice husk, wheat bran,etc, investment in flat die wood pellet mill is a desirable and wise choice.this feed extruder machine belongs to flat die rotating roller type, which is specially designed for making high density and high burning value wood pellets. Compared with ring die type, its size is small. Due to its simple design and operation, this kind of wood pellet mill is more popular with small scale industrial production and family use. the small pellet machine can also make all kinds of sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalks, forestry wastes, wood chips and any other biomass waste into wood pellets to be used as biomass fuels.

Advantages of flat die small pellet machines

1. Driven by electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine, more convenient and environment friendly.

2. Flexible and movable pellet machine design; widely used in small wood pellet plant or home fuel pellets making.

3. Capacity ranges from 40KG/H to 550KG/H, various models for choice

4. Equipped with gearbox which can control the material feeding speed and ensure wood pellet quality, at the same time prolonging pellet machine life.

5. All our pellet machines meet European standard -CE certified; the small wood pellet machine design is of closed house to cover motor.

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