small pellet mill can kill the parasite eggs and other pathogenicmicroorganisms

The particle formation process enables the grain, legume trypsin boycott factor degeneration, reduce adverse effects on the digestion, the small pellet mill can kill the parasite eggs and other pathogenicmicroorganisms, reducing the variety of parasitic diseases and digestive tract system diseases.The high quality poultry feed pellet mill consist of three parts: the feeding part, the working part anddischarging part. The roller for poultry feed pellet making machine and die is the main component of the working part which is making pellet.The die keep rotating and the roller keep still during producing pellets.Under high rotating friction,the natural lignin will release out ofthe material and become the binder.So there is no need any binder in the whole pellet processing.

features of small pellet mill

1. Simple to operate and clean, only 1 or 2 workers are OK.

2. Spare parts are easy to change, less cost for roller and dies.

3. The pelleting process is visible, so it is convenient to solve problems in time.

4.the small pellet mill is driven by diesel engine, this diesel flat die pellet mill
can be used in nearly everywhere in the world, especially popular for areas with shortage supply of electricity.

5.Diesel flat die small pellet mill has compact structure and light weight which enable it to be moved freely and more adjustable to small pellet production.

6.the small pellet mill equipped with high quality alloy steel roller and die by advanced craft.The visibility design of the pelletizing chamber ensures a smooth pelletizing process and timely repairing.

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