fish feed extruder machine can make many kinds of fodder for different kinds of animals

fish feed extruder machine can make many kinds of fodder for different kinds of animals.the floating fish feed pellet mill can make floating fish feed, pet food,bird food,at the same time for different snacks food by chaging moulds, as well as This floating fish feed extruder machine is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimp, crab etc. The puffing fish feed pellets can float on the water surface without dissolution for over 20 hours.

Advantages of Dry Pellet Feed
●Storage: can be kept for two to three months when stored in a covered cool dry place.
●Hygiene: expansion process can eliminate most bacteria. Low moisture content (about 10%) can prevent bacterial growth.
●Nutrition: can be added with animal or plant protein, fish oil or other fats, vitamin complex and minerals required by specific fish species. It is highly nutritious and can effectively improve the health of fish stock.
●Environmental impacts: using pellet feed of appropriate size and density can lower the loss rate and significantly mitigate the environmental pollution caused by the feed residues.

Features of fish feed extruder machine
1.According to different requirements, variety shapes of high-grade feed pellets for fish, shrimps .etc can be produced by the feed pellet mill
2.The finished fish feed pellets can keep floating for 3-15 hours without pollution to water.
3.The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree adjustment.
4.floating fish feed pellet making machine can make pellet from dia1.0mm-20mm just by changing the mold.
5.Electric heating device is adopted which can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time.
6.the floating fish feed extruder machine has high temperature and high pressure cooking process can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections and also makes the pellets easily to digest.
7.The cutting device can be adjusted to make pellets of different length.
8.The fish feed extruder machine needs a boiler to make steam which can conduct steam to the conditioner and ripen the raw material in advance.

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