poultry small pellet machine have smooth surface,appropriate hardness

poultry small pellet machine have smooth surface,appropriate hardness,high degree of inner curing which could lead to starch pasting and protein solidification,improved nutritive quality of feed,easy digestion and absorption,as well as the death of common pathogenic germ and parasite.our feed pellet mill is movable and easy operation.the feed pellet making machine is suitable for home use and small or big enterprises to produce animal feed, biomass pellet fuel and organic/inorganic fertilizer.the small pellet mill can be worked by diesel engine or electric motor. It’s environment friendly, clean and energy saving pellet machine.The high quality poultry feed small pellet machine consist of three parts: the feeding part, the working part and discharging part. The roller for poultry feed pellet machine and die is the main component of the working part which is making pellet.

Features of small chicken feed pellet mill:

1. Raw material: Straw, Sawdust, rice husk, seed shell, palm fiber, corn straw, alfalfa, and other biomass waste materials all kinds of poultry feed,Aquatic feed,Organic compounds,Straw

2.Crushing the raw material into size no bigger than 5mm.

3.Moisture : <18%

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